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14th November 2018
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Tear down the barriers to success with a transformative DevOps platform

As enterprise development teams lead digital transformations and adapt their business-critical applications to today’s landscape, they face new challenges every day. To succeed, the wall between developers and operations and the silos between different development teams must come down.

Ten steps to DevOps success

Application development doesn’t stand still. There are always new resources. New methodologies. New user expectations. We spoke to 10 DevOps trailblazers about the biggest challenges they face every day, and how they solve them.

Make the most of your development resources

The modern developer is always on a path to understanding application interdependencies, complexity, and quality across platforms, environments and languages. IBM provides the infrastructure and the expertise to make it happen.

Capitalize on your mainframe

DevOps for IBM Z®  empowers innovation through a framework for rapidly developing, testing, and deploying services and applications across platforms. Proven agile solutions help you leverage mainframe data to speed innovations. An analytical platform for application modernization can transform and renew apps efficiently and capitalize on time-tested mainframe code to engage the API economy.

Develop, implement and iterate on a scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure

IBM hybrid cloud storage provides the architecture to maintain a DevOps culture while growing to cloud scale. Take advantage of a software-defined block storage solution designed for rapid and flexible deployment across heterogeneous infrastructure on- and off-premises. IBM Spectrum Connect provides a common VM and Container enablement for all your block storage.

Accelerate DevOps with faster access to the freshest data

A critical part of the test and development process is getting the freshest copy of production data to developers so that they can develop higher quality applications with fewer bugs. Use IBM Spectrum Protect™ Plus (01:26) to create those copies and automatically refresh them on a scheduled basis to enable your development team and improve their results.

Dig deeper into DevOps

DevOps is an approach to lean and agile software delivery that promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development and IT operations. DevOps merges the development, operations and testing silos to improve agility and reduce the time needed to address customer feedback.

Build the development environment that works for you

The right combination of maximized mainframe utilization, storage flexibility and data integrity can help your enterprise identify and capitalize on interdependencies, ensure a stable work environment and speed software delivery.

Transform your enterprise with a complete DevOps solution

Today consumers have higher expectations than ever for their digital experiences. IBM Z DevOps enables you to exceed expectations by enabling businesses to innovate with agility and modernize applications for multi-cloud systems.

Harness the mainframe powerhouse for DevOps

The IBM z14™ mainframe is designed to be a DevOps powerhouse. From APIs and other integrations to language support, the IBM z14 is IBM’s most advanced mainframe, designed to work in private- and hybrid-cloud environments.

Accelerate application transformation of your hybrid cloud environment

IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) is an analytical platform for application modernization, using cognitive technologies to analyze mainframe applications so you can quickly identify interdependencies.

Increase business agility and protect data with hybrid cloud

A strategic approach to hybrid cloud modernizes IT infrastructure, bridging the on-premises application environment with private and public clouds. Hybrid cloud can increase business agility, protect data and lower costs.

Replicate data and reduce risk

Spin up virtual machines locally or in the cloud with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. Eliminate excess copies and enable secondary reuse across backup, reporting and analytics with self-service, APIs and DevOps tools such as Chef and Puppet.

Add hybrid cloud functionality to on-premises block storage

IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ and IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud together support mirroring between on-premises and cloud data centers or between cloud data centers.

Simplify multi-cloud deployments at no-cost

IBM Spectrum Connect enables provisioning, monitoring, automating and orchestrating of IBM block storage in containerized, VMware and Microsoft PowerShell environments. Containers offer rapid deployment in a lightweight framework ideal for scaling services and rapid provisioning.

Deploy workloads as secure services for simplified DevOps

Run hundreds of workloads for dozens of clients in a fully virtualized shared resource platform. Accelerate delivery of your new applications through containers and cloud-native development tools, with up to 330,000 Docker containers on a single IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper II™ server.


Drive innovation and agility with DevOps

Watch IBM experts discuss how DevOps for IBM Z gives developers the tools they need to innovate in an agile world.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Add value to backup data by enabling new uses such as cloning, deployment and DevOps workflows. Spectrum Protect Plus makes it possible on-premises and in the cloud.

Top ten reasons to choose IBM LinuxONE

With the ability to support and manage mixed development/test and production workloads, LinuxONE™ is a solid DevOps choice.

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