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Swift is now simpler than ever to use for end-to-end development. Developers wanting a local development environment can now leverage popular Swift@IBM technologies using IBM Cloud Tools for Swift (beta) on the IBM Cloud. In addition, Linux developers can take advantage of today's most popular language on the most powerful Linux platform for data-serving and systems of record, IBM LinuxONE™.

Build end-to-end apps using Swift with IBM Kitura

Start building end-to-end applications and quickly deploy them with IBM Kitura on both Apple OSX and Linux. Kitura is a modular, package-based web framework and HTTP server. Written in the Swift language, this open source framework lays the foundation for community collaboration, building off the latest technologies from the developer community including Libdispatch, Foundation and the Swift Package Manager.

Simplify deployment with IBM Cloud Tools for Swift

For developers interested in creating Swift applications that span both client and server-side code, the newest tools from IBM can help simplify the management and deployment of server-side assets. Extend your mobile apps and connect them to IBM Cloud services with a local development environment that complements the productive Xcode environment with the IBM Cloud Tools for Swift (beta) now available on the IBM Cloud.

Discover the Swift@IBM devCenter

The place for all things Swift@IBM, this IBM developerWorks devCenter is where to find the latest from IBM Swift engineers. We are working to break down barriers between client-side and server-side development. Home to the IBM Swift Sandbox which has new Package Catalog and LinuxOne features, explore the latest news, documentation and tutorials to get a jump on leveraging server side Swift for simplified end-to-end development.

Get started with Swift on the IBM Cloud

Swift runtime on the IBM Cloud
Deploy Swift code directly to the IBM Cloud using this Swift runtime powered by the Cloud Foundry buildpack for Swift.

IBM Cloud OpenWhisk
Use this IBM event-driven compute platform to execute microservices in Swift.

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