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IBM API Connect® product plans

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IBM API Connect Lite IBM API Connect Enterprise — Pay as you grow IBM API Connect Enterprise — IBM Cloud subscription pricing
  • With the API Connect Lite plan, your organization can get started at no cost.
  • The Enterprise plan is well-suited to organizations that are at any stage of their API management journey.
  • Work with IBM Cloud® Sales to create a custom subscription contract. Prepay for additional discounts.
Plan information
  • •50,000 API calls per month
  • •Upgrade at any time
  • •Includes community-based support
  • •Data transfer and IBM Cloud infrastructure included
  • •USD 100 per 100,000 API calls on a monthly basis
  • •Pay for only what you use
  • •IBM Support 24x7
  • •Analytics and API Gateway policies available
  • •Client-managed or IBM-managed deployment options
  • •Data transfer and IBM Cloud infrastructure included
  • •Advanced, multi-datacenter availability
  • •IBM Support 24x7
  • •Advanced analytics and Gateway policies available
  • •Secure remote connectivity for one destination
  • •Unlimited developers, APIs and products
  • •Data transfer and IBM Cloud infrastructure included
  • •Client-managed or IBM-managed deployment options
  • •Advanced connectors for pre-production/production

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