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Frequently asked questions

How often is RED BOOK online updated?

RED BOOK Online is updated daily (excluding weekends and holidays).

Does RED BOOK Online provide historical pricing?

RED BOOK Online offers historical average wholesale price (AWP) unit pricing. For more in-depth pricing needs, RED BOOK offers a historical pricing file with information from the last 50 years.

How often are new products added to RED BOOK?

The RED BOOK editorial team adds an average of 800 new products a month.

Where does the pricing in RED BOOK come from?

The average wholesale pricing (AWP), wholesale acquisition cost (WAC), direct price (DP) and suggested retail pricing (SRP) found in RED BOOK comes from manufacturers. AWP may be calculated in accordance with our AWP pricing policy (PDF, 109 KB).

Is RED BOOK data delivered in any other method than online?

Yes, RED BOOK can also be obtained via data file. See pricing tab for more information.