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The performance components in IBM Navigator for i include Performance Data Investigator (PDI), Performance Collection Manager and web-based GUI interfaces for to following performance tools unique to IBM i: Collection Services, Job Watcher, Disk Watcher, Batch Model, Performance Explorer, and Historical Data.


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Performance Tools GUI:

The performance components in IBM Navigator for i include Performance Data Investigator (PDI), Performance Collection Manager and web-based GUI interfaces for Collection Services, Job Watcher, and Disk Watcher.

The power of Performance Data Investigator is in the tools provided to summarize data into reports, create graphs to show trends, and dig deep into performance data to analyze the details of your system.
Performance Data Investigator (PDI) displays performance metrics graphically over a selected interval of time. The detail views provide a visual representation of complex performance data with innumerable configurations. To analyze your system performance, you can view job data, subsystem data, pool data, disk unit data, and much more.  Gain insight to how servers are performing by using these tools to analyze, model, obtain detailed reports and interact with graphical views of IBM i servers.  Understand how business and system changes affect your process and performance.

Functions and Enhancements:

Function or Enhancement Category Available in Release Details
PDI in redesigned Navigator for i * 7.3, 7.4 and on 2H2021 More function will be provided in future releases
New Charting Technology Accountant 7.2 and later 2H2019 Dojo charts for all PDI
Batch Model Batch Model 7.2 and later
- System monitors
Visualize System Monitor Data - Dashboard 7.2 and later View all the metrics for one monitor on a dashboard page.  The dashboard provides a context panel with options for layout, threshold, coordinate scrolling, and automatic refresh.
Graph History All Leverage the new historical data collection available from Collection Services with the IBM Navigator for i Graph History function to visualize performance data over days, weeks, months, and years.  The performance task Summary chart provides easy to manipulate graph to view metrics over time and drill down into top contributors for an interval.
Stacked Chart View 7.3 and later
Search Function PDI
Interval Details Enhancements  Job Watcher All
Reports - Performance Reports Heritage

Note: Minor changes or enhancements are not listed here. Check PDI Details on changes shipped in PTFs

Requests for Enhancements currently under consideration:

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