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These are the specific enhancements and fixes for Performance on the Web. Performance Data Investigator changes are released with the IBM Navigator for i PTFs under the HTTP group.


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These are the specific enhancements and fixes for Performance on the Web.  

2021 Q1

This PTF release brings the following updates to PDI.
  • General PDI changes:
    • Firmware level field is shown in System Information panel for 7.3 & 7.4 (not available on 7.2)
    • PDI Set SQL statements as system specific to avoid Query Supervisor monitoring

    • Update to WLE attach disk default

  • New dojo charting changes (see Modernized Charting for PDI for more info on the updated charting):
    • Drill down information will be provided on filtered charts
    • Negative values will not be attempted to be charted.  The value will be shown in tooltips. This affects Storage Allocation charts.

2020 Q4
This PTF release brings several updates to PDI.
  • General PDI changes:
    • Fix for Memory Metrics for one Pool on 7.2 collections required a fix to not use metrics not available in 7.2 data.
    • Launch to Workload Estimator will work to launch to the new WLE location modified at the end of September 2020.
    • Update units for System ASP storage field displayed
  • New dojo charting changes (see Modernized Charting for PDI for more info on the updated charting):
    • Tooltips will now be provided for breakdown dimension information
    • The same series in different views should use the same color

2020 Q3
This PTF release brings several updates to the new charting released 2019 Q4. Updates to the modernized charting framework (Modernized Charting for PDI) are:
  • Export of chart images (.jpeg or .png) will now include title and axis labels
  • Export of charts from Graph History is now enabled
  • Batch Model is now supported with the modernized interface
  • Because of the withdrawal of PM for Power, Graph History no longer requires PM Agent to be turned on in order to preserve your Historical Data for the maximum amount of time.  Go in to Configure Collection Services to update your data retention to take advantage of this change and consider taking steps to turn off PM Agent.
  • Fix for Graph History issue with list of Summary metrics not getting populated with all the metrics.  Only CPU Utilization shown.  With this fix, the full list of metrics available for Summary charts will be shown.
  • Fixes to PDI new charting:
    • Text was overlapping for SQL Overview under SQL Plan Cache Snapshots and Event Monitors 
    • When using zoom feature with Memory Usage by Pool perspective, there would be blank space shown and the bars in the graph stay the same width instead of allowing the graph to utilize the space
    • Update to inaccurate charts: Views of "* by Subsystem" were not showing all the waits that were shown specifically for a job known to be in that subsystem and when shown when looking at a view of "Waits by Thread or Task".  The subsystem data from QAPMJOBOS file was not included for a multi-threaded job. In QAPMJOBOS, only the primary thread number is used for recording the data.  So the data for the secondary threads needed to be included by matching the QAPMJOBMI primary thread number to the QAPMJOBOS thread field.  This change affects the following perspectives:
      • Waits by Subsystem
      • Waits by Server Type
      • Synchronous Disk I/O by Job or Task - for specific subsystems and for specific server types
      • Synchronous Disk I/O by Thread or Task - for specific subsystems and for specific server types
      • All Waits by Thread or Task - sorted by Dispatched CPU for specific Subsystems and for specific Server Types
      • Waits by Job or Task - sorted by Dispatched CPU for specific subsystems and for specific Server Types
      • Waits for One Subsystem
      • Waits for One Server Type
      • Temporary Storage Allocation/Deallocation by Subsystem
      • Job Statistics by :
        • Generic Job or Task
        • Memory Pool
        • Job Current User Profile
        • Job User Profile

2020 Q2
This PTF release brings several updates to the new charting released 2019 Q4. Updates to the modernized charting framework (Modernized Charting for PDI) are:
  • Job Watcher interval details panel is now supported in the new charts
  • Timeline chart is now supported with the modernized charting
  • Pie chart support has been added.  These are used with the DB SQL Plan Cache Snapshot and other DB collections.
  • Support for displaying more than one collection at a time has now been added.  This is no longer restricted to having 5 or fewer collections in a library.  On the context panel, select the collections you would like displayed on the same chart and press RefreshConsider time to render when selecting collections and be wary of the default collection interval being too small.  Selecting more than 5 collections and using an interval less than 15 min will take considerable time to display.  We have allowed this for your convenience to not be restrictive, but need users to be aware of potential long processing times.
  • Support for table actions has been added for sorting and filtering columns. This also includes column reordering and pagination.
  • Drill down support has been enhanced to include row selection on a table.
  • QAPMCONF panel is now supported in a table format.
  • Fix for when scrollbar is reset with Reset button and unchecked metrics would sometimes still show up on the chart (although they remain unchecked in the legend).
  • Other fixes:
    • Tooltip positioning for a horizontal bar chart has been improved.
    • The system information will not be updated on the context panel when a switch is made to a new collection collected from another system.
    • When unchecking metrics, the height of the bar will not change for the Java Memory by Job perspective or any other clustered bars/columns when the charted metrics are changed in the legend.

2020 Q1
This PTF release brings several updates to the new charting released in the last PTFs before this one (2019 Q4). Also we released a new Perspective on Memory Usage.
  • New Memory Usage perspective
  • Related updates for the modernized charting framework (Modernized Charting for PDI):
    • Display more labels when possible for horizontal bar charts
    • Fix for transposed line chart not displaying correctly
    • Chart zoom should not take effect before selecting a chart (Firefox)
    • Fix for allowing full Tooltip message bubble to be shown (were in cramped locations on long bars)
    • Memory Pool Sizes & Fault Rates was not showing all the memory pools on the chart
    • Some column headings in table view were not showing translated field name
    • Second click on selected bar for some bar charts does not "unclick" bar
    • The default graph interval for dojo charts is changed from 15 min to 5 min if available (if collection was done at 5 min intervals).
    • Correct Tooltips information that was not always accurately showing the correct interval
    • Some Tooltips were missing in the Plans Detailed perspective
    • Selectable legend was not available for single data series charts with breakdown dimensions such as:
      • Memory Pool Sizes (all pools)
      • Fault Rates (all pools)
    • Avoid duplicate colors on some charts that used contrasting inner fill or patterns on ILOG charts
      • Java perspective
      • Storage Allocation
      • Disk Details
    • Firefox displayed the charts too large and is now fixed
    • Drilldown to DB & Non-DB Page Faults perspective resulted in empty chart and is now fixed
    • Improve usability with better message for empty result set and no chart
    • Clarify term "Job Pool" to indicate the Memory Pool that the job is running in - "Job Memory Pool"
    • Fixes for SSD Analyzer package
    • Launching to system monitor single metric chart will now open in the new chart format.

2019 Q4
The graphing support for PDI has been re-imagined. The latest in web-based graphing capabilities are now being leveraged to help bring this data to the fore front of usefulness. You can now more easily view the data and use the graphing controls to zoom in on specific areas.  Details on these improvements can be found at:

2019 Q3: 7.4 SP1, 7.3 SP12, 7.2 SP16

  • &MSGKEYCH - Message key variable providing key value in character format - 4 bytes
  • MSGKEYCH - message key in character format- 4 bytes
  • MSGKEY - original message key as hex string - original definition and usage
  • Fixes for monitor:
    • HTTP metrics missing in 7.4 system monitor
    • Removing X'' around &MSGKEY value so it can be used in SNDMSG
    • Fix for &DATE format as system value QDATFMT and QDATSEP
    • Fixes for performance reports:
      • Handling of report definitions so that perspectives that are for the same collection type can be in the same report definition, regardless of what package it is in.  This includes some of the sub packages used for Collection Services.  
      • Correct handling of the SQL Performance Monitor & SQL Plan Cache collection perspectives so that they can be used in a report as long as only perspectives for the same collection type are included in that report definition.
      • Fixed error messages to properly show correct replacement variables.
      • Fixed issue where some graphs would show up in reports multiple times.  The issue was that the optional charts for different releases were all being generated causing duplicates.
      • Fixes some problems with the title page and determining available formats for performance reports.  We will now check all views requested for the report and verify that only a view format available for all will be selected.  Also fixed a potential problem with the report header page so that it will avoid errors.

2018 Q4: 7.3 SP9, 7.2 SP13

  1. Fix to circumvent changes to Db2 query causing error on some perspectives. The error received is "Chart error There was an error converting the data to chart form"

These Db2 PTFs are incompatible with the previous version of PDI:

  • For 7.3: Db2 PTF Group SF99703 level 12, individual PTF SI67936
  • For 7.2: Db2 PTF Group SF99702 level 24, individual PTF SI67939

The perspectives this is known to affect are those using the keyword INNER in a location no longer supported with these Db2 PTFs:

  • CPU Utilization Overview
  • SQL CPU Utilization Overview

2018 Q1: 7.3 SP7, 7.2 SP11, 7.1 SP20

  • Updates to QAPMCONF panel view

    Investigate Data -> Collection Services -> Collection Services Database Files -> QAPMCONF

    • Partition Memory (MB) 
    • Collection Type 
    • Nominal Frequency (MHz) 

    7.3f and later requires PCT 

    • Active Physical Processor Count
    • Cross Partition Allowed 
    • Firmware Level 
    • UTC Offset 
    • Time Zone 
    • Start date 
    • Start time
    • End date (if not still active)
    • End time (if not still active)

    2017 and earlier:

    Fix to bug exposed with Java 8.  The perspectives are not displayed on the left hand under "Investigate Data" or on the main panel PDI tree.

    HTTP Group level 10 (7.3), 23 (7.2) and 49 (7.1) start setting Java 8 as the default.  This exposes a bug PDI had with Java 8 and causes the PDI perspective tree to not display and most of the PDI packages to appear empty.

    Another possible symptom is when launching from another are of Navigator, you can get an error: Perspective error - The perspective you have chosen to display is not available.

    The change to use Java 8 as default was made in SI64933 (7.3) SI64932 (7.2) and SI64931 (7.1).

    Circumvent this problem by either:

    1) If you are not yet on this HTTP group level, wait to install group level 11 (7.3), 24 (7.2) and 50 (7.1) because the corresponding fix will then be included in IBM Navigator for i PTFs at this level.

    2) Change the default to use java 7 by modifying the file /qibm/userdata/os/admininst/admin2/wlp/usr/servers/admin2/server.env 

    1. BIDI support was added for System Monitor & Graph History charts.
    2. Pool name has been added to the queries used for System Monitor and Collection Services Memory perspectives.  This will be seen on the table view for the perspectives.

    Updates to Journal buckets for Waits charts.

    • CPU Utilization and Waits Overview: Displays interesting waits.  Now this will group both the Journal Time & Journal Save While Active into one charted value named Journal Time.
    • Waits Overview and Waits by Job or Task: Both display more interesting waits.  This will now show Journal SWA and Journal Wait time as 2 separate buckets labelled in the legend as Journal Time & Journal Save While Active Time.
    • Journal Waits Overview & All Waits charts (All Waits by Job or Task, etc): Display all waits. This will now show Journal SWA and Journal Wait time as 2 separate buckets labelled in the legend as Journal Time & Journal Save While Active Time.
    • Note that "Journal Time" is used in CPU Utilization and Waits Overview to include 2 buckets while in other charts it is listed on its own and Journal SWA is listed separately.

    System Monitor default collection time changed from 15 seconds to 1 minute.  Using a collection interval of 1 minute or longer is recommended to keep the collections from getting too large.

    With the change to Liberty, the PML folder is changed from /QIBM/UserData/OS400/iSeriesNavigator/config to /QIBM/UserData/OS400/Navigator/config.  Any custom content will be copied to the new location to preserve those files.  If you download PML or transfer it from one system to another use the Navigator location for Liberty and the original location for pre-SP3 (before Spring 2015 PTFs).

    The Log files needed for PMRs or development debugging have moved (applies to 7.1 & 7.2 only):

        The Log files are now in: \qibm\UserData\OS\AdminInst\admin2\wlp\usr\servers\admin2\logs\messages.log


    • Performance enhancement to longer running perspectives with large collections. These will now return the top 50 contributors. Continue to get the most out of the results by narrowing down intervals displayed or contributing jobs most interested in. The fetch value (default to 50) can be changed with ModifySQL. Perspectives affected are:
      • All Waits by Thread or Task - CS & JW
      • CPU Utilization by Thread or Task - CS & JW
      • Waits by Job or Task - JW 

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