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Approved 9/24 and available in the HTTP group in the last week of September.

IBM Navigator for i is a modern web-based interface for managing and monitoring one or more IBM i instances from a single location. This modern user interface can be accessed from http://hostname:2002/Navigator.

With the 2H 2021 Navigator PTFs, IBM Navigator for i is re-created in a new framework and user interface that replaces the heritage IBM Navigator for i. This new IBM Navigator for i runs under the ADMIN1 server and by default listens on port 2002. The URL for the new Navigator is http://hostname:2002/Navigator


Short URL for this page:  (updated 9/8/2021)
For the Heritage version of Navigator, go to

The PTFs for 7.3 and 7.4 are approved.
They will be available in the HTTP group before September 30.

Getting started with Navigator:

Navigator for i is redesigned, leveraging the latest in web and IBM i data retrieval technology to create a user-centric, high-performing interface for monitoring and managing one or more IBM i systems.

To open the new Navigator after installing the PTFs, use the URL: http://hostname:2002/Navigator.  Note that the additional "/Navigator" text is required and is also case sensitive.  This is a change from the heritage navigator URL; not only the port number, but also the additional path is required.

To learn more about the new features within Navigator, follow these links:

 IBM Navigator for i Home page

 Install, Service, and Reference links:

Documentation on functional areas:
Function or Area
Available Components
Performance - Performance Data Investigator (PDI) and more
Investigate Data
Graph History
Collection Services configuration
Manage Collections
System Monitor
 - Investigate Monitor Metric
Managing Multiple IBM i Endpoint Nodes
Custom Charts
Bookmarks and Favorites
Import & Export
Security Options
If you are looking for documentation on the heritage IBM Navigator for i, which runs under the ADMIN2 server, look here:

Service Level Requirement:
IBM Navigator is installed as part of the IBM i operating system. It is part of SS1 option 3. The actual PTF is delivered as part of the HTTP PTF Group.

In addition, there are a number of other groups that are needed to ensure that all parts of the navigator interface function properly.  For a list of these groups, see Product Install Requirements.

IBM Docs links
  • Systems management:
  • Connecting to your system:
  • Performance tools:

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