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PTFs for the new version IBM Navigator for i.
First released September 2021


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  • The most recent PTF Service Packs (SPs) are listed at the top of this table. 
  • The Navigator for i PTFs are shipped in the HTTP group. It is recommended that you use the latest group PTF and also keep current on these PTF groups:
    • Java PTF group  
    • Database PTF group
    • Performance Tools PTF group
  • See also the list of Installed Product requirements.
  • Follow these Steps for applying PTFs
Approve date and link to details 7.5 5770-SS1 PTFs 7.4 5770-SS1 PTFs 7.3 5770-SS1 PTFs Group information Notes
9/30/2022 - PTF details
PTF SI79801
PTF SI79800
PTF SI79798
<-  HTTP Group
<- Db2 Group
**Db2 group update needed for SQL service changes
6/24/2022 - PTF details
PTF SI79801
PTF SI79800
PTF SI79798
<-  HTTP Group
<- New Nav PTF
<- Requisite Toolbox PTFs
Note: It is highly recommended to clear the browser cache after applying this PTF
PTF: SI79404
PTF: SI79104
<-  HTTP Group
<-  Db2 Group
**Db2 group update may be needed for Audit Journal support
SF99652 group Content Manager OnDemand for i
2/25/2022 - PTF details
PTF: SI78370
PTF: SI78369
<-  HTTP Group
12/24/2021 -  PTF details - approved
PTF: SI77929
PTF: SI77928
Navigator PTF
<-  HTTP Group
<- PT1 Group 
PT1 group required for Collection Services updates
11/20/2021 -  PTF details - approved
PTF: SI77466
PTF: SI77578
Navigator PTF
<-  HTTP Group(0)>
SI76804 & requisites
  - SI76805
  - SI76796
  - MF68751 (superseded by TR5 PTF)
SI76923 & requisites
  - SI76922
  - SI76803
  -MF68750 (superseded by TR11 PTF)
Required on endpoint system for iSCSI device management
9/24/2021 - 2H PTF details - approved 9/24/2021
PTF: SI76981 
PTF: SI76982
Navigator PTF
<-  HTTP Group
<-  Db2 Group
FIRST release of the new version of IBM Navigator for i
For information on the heritage IBM Navigator for i PTFs, see heritage Navigator PTFs.


Steps to apply IBM Navigator for i PTFs:

Note:  It is recommended to install the latest HTTP group instead of just the latest Navigator for i PTF (or two PTFs for heritage Navigator). 
Use of the HTTP Group requires a delayed apply and IPL. The following steps apply to single Navigator for i PTFs only and do not apply to use of the HTTP group.
1. Stop the ADMIN1 job before you apply the Navigator PTF with this command:                                                              
  •  > ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*IAS) INSTANCE(ADMIN1)                                  
  • The MONITOR service can be stopped with two methods:
    1. Using the GUI
Choose the 'Stop monitor server' command from the 'Actions' menu
    • 2. Using command line:

2. Apply or remove the PTFs (immediate mode).                             
3. Start the ADMIN1 job with this command:                                            
   > STRTCPSVR SERVER(*IAS) INSTANCE(ADMIN1)                                  

4. It is highly recommended to clear the browser cache after applying new PTFs.  It is not required.

5. Refresh (or reload) your browser after you apply the IBM Navigator for i PTFs.

  • A good time to refresh your browser is before you log in, on the login panel.  Select the Reload or Refresh icon on your browser before you log in:
  • Reload or Refresh browser at Log In screen

Log file information:
You can view the GUI log files from the Navigator GUI.  Select the "Serviceability" icon and choose "View GUI Logs" to open a list of the files available:
Serviceability -> View GUI Logs
The Navigator for i messages.log file is: 
  • /qibm/UserData/OS/AdminInst/admin1/wlp/usr/servers/admin1/logs/messages.log
Monitor log file information is detailed at the end of the Monitors Overview page.  The file location is:
  • /QIBM/UserData/OS400/Navigator/config/MONITOR

[{"Type":"MASTER","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB57","label":"Power"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU058","label":"IBM Infrastructure w\/TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SWG60","label":"IBM i"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m0z0000000CH1AAM","label":"IBM Navigator for i"}],"Platform":[{"code":"PF012","label":"IBM i"}],"Version":"7.3.0;7.4.0;and future releases"}]

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