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Browser support information for IBM Navigator for i and browser tips.


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Current Browser Support for IBM Navigator for i:

IBM Navigator for i supports the latest versions of the following browsers:

We recommend that users update to the most current versions.

Browser tips

Constant browser updates and changes makes it difficult to keep up with and test each level for compatibility. If you are getting unexpected results when running IBM Navigator for i.

The following are some tips and trick which may resolve your problem:

1. You must clear your browser cache after putting on a new ptf.  Then close and restart browser for ultimate results.

2. You may need to change the security settings in your browser to allow pop-up exceptions:

    • Internet Explorer: Click "Tools->Internet options->Security->Trusted sites->Sites". Add the system name you are accessing to the list, for example
    • FireFox: Click "Options->Content->Block pop-up windows->Exceptions". Add the system name you are accessing to the list, for example "".

3. Other tips specific to a browser version may be found here:

4.  Minimize memory usage with these tips.

5. It is no longer recommended that you use PF-5 to refresh a panel. The panels contain a refresh button, use it instead.


6. Browser tips specific to Performance Data Investigator (PDI).

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21 January 2020