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Gain visibility into transactions and inventory

Supply chain visibility is the ability of stakeholders to access real-time data related to the order process, inventory, delivery and potential supply chain disruptions.

Lack of B2B transaction and inventory visibility is a significant challenge. But with real-time insights from EDI data, which IBM AI helps correlate across disparate systems, business users can make faster transaction queries to speed resolution of shipment and order issues. Real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations provided by embedded AI capabilities have already helped IBM clients reduce disruption mitigation time from days to hours. And new, data-driven insights can uncover opportunities to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. IBM can also help you securely extend shared, real-time visibility to supply chain trading partners, suppliers and customers — while enabling traceability and ensuring authenticity — with blockchain.

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How will your supply chain survive the age of disruption?


Reduce the impact of disruptions

Build resiliency into your supply chain with AI-powered alerts and actionable insights from cycle-time predictions that use machine learning, pattern detection and historical trends to identify anomalies hidden in transaction data and predict future events.

Unlock cost savings opportunities

Digitize error-prone manual processes while using embedded AI and blockchain capabilities to do more with data, both in and outside your organization, to achieve new levels of supply chain visibility and mitigate costly interruptions to product delivery.

Enhance trust, traceability and accountability

Move beyond one-up, one-down visibility in your supply chain by enabling secure track and trace of products with a distributed, shared ledger that creates a single version of the truth for all participants and gives you near real-time insights into operations.


Supply chain transparency

Streamline connectivity and increase transparency with customers, suppliers and trading partners across your supply chain by digitizing and automating B2B transactions on a digital business network.

Ecosystem visibility

Create an immutable, distributed and shared ledger to exchange trusted data with your supply chain partners.

Container logistics

Build trust among your trading partners by providing access to an interconnected supply chain ecosystem and logistics network that has data coverage for over half of global container shipping volume.

Inventory control tower

Act more effectively on inventory to meet demand with accurate, real-time, available-to-promise data that facilitates end-to-end supply chain visibility. Use an AI-powered dashboard to get a single view of processes and data from disparate sources.

Supply chain visibility case studies

Petco enables better B2B and supply chain visibility

By using IBM Sterling Delivery Transaction Intelligence with Watson, Petco can quickly identify and resolve supply chain issues without involving the IT team.

Raw Seafoods builds consumer confidence

Raw Seafoods uses IBM Food Trust to trace their catch from harvest to consumer, helping them build trust with customers and across the entire food supply chain.

Lenovo transforms its supply chain with AI-driven insights

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson provides Lenovo with end-to-end supply chain visibility to significantly reduce disruption response time.

Supply chain services

Evolve your supply chain processes into intelligent workflows to improve visibility throughout your supply chain. IBM experts can help you build an adaptable and resilient supply chain.


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Interactive guided demo

Experience how the IBM Food Trust solution can increase supply chain visibility by following a blueberry fruit and nut bar from store to farm.

Supply chain blog

Read expert posts to gain new perspectives and insights on building an intelligent, self-correcting supply chain.

Digital learning platform

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Find out about upcoming events where you can connect with peers and learn more about supply chain software and solutions.

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