Instant access to data allows for real-time decisions

“Our engineering and Oracle applications were slow and underperforming. With our VersaStack solution, we’ve been able to boost system and staff performance and enable mobile access to business-critical data and tools via a hybrid cloud. VersaStack gives us faster, smarter systems that enable us to make better-informed decisions about the State Land Trust.”

— Bill Reed, Chief Technology Officer, Arizona State Land Department

Why VersaStack?

Simply put — to optimize your IT infrastructure.

VersaStack optimizes your data center by modernizing and transforming your traditional, as well as, new generation application infrastructure.

Now your team has more time to spend on projects that drive innovation and deliver business value to your company.

Discover how VersaStack, a converged infrastructure from IBM and Cisco, can change the economics of running your data center — from cost center to value driver.


VersaStack can deliver an ROI of 293%


Month payback period

Your IBM and Cisco advantage

VersaStack combines the power of Cisco compute and networking with the proven innovation of IBM storage. By adding additional software, VersaStack for Hybrid Cloud transforms your infrastructure to support hybrid cloud.

Converge cloud

Built for powerful hybrid cloud deployments, VersaStack easily migrates applications and data between on-premises and cloud resources.

Optimize efficiency

High density systems combine built-in compression, automated data tiering, and data copy services to maximize efficiency and scalability.

Reduce costs

You can store up to five times more data in the same footprint. Virtualization allows for seamless operation and data migration from aging systems.

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