Why does big data storage matter?

Most organizations agree that data should be at the heart of decision-making. To transform data into insight, you have to design a big data storage infrastructure that gives meaning to unstructured and dark data, and can perform when the window of action is milliseconds.

Thousands of IBM customers have proven that you can deliver faster insights and cost savings by efficiently managing big data storage.

Big data storage requirements


Storage must provide shared, secure and flexible access to big data - both structured and unstructured - and scale performance and capacity with no bottlenecks.


To maximize speed, a storage infrastructure must have low-latency capabilities and the ability to rapidly scale up, in and out, delivering consistent and predictable microsecond responses.


Automatic policy-based storage tiering keeps data in the right place. Data has to move to the fastest storage for analysis and then retreat to lower-cost storage when not in use.

IBM big data storage helps our clients achieve their goals

Nuance Communications

Drives real-time understanding of natural language with scalable, high-performance storage

Allegiant Travel

Lifts the customer experience to new heights by leveraging big data and analytics

University of Colorado Boulder

Supports ground-breaking research with the PetaLibrary, a hierarchical storage system

IBM big data storage advantages

Management - Simplified storage management

IBM Storage solutions for data management support all applications, data types, and hundreds of heterogeneous storage systems including cloud-based systems.

Data management optimizes data performance and costs through capacity planning, storage utilization and data placement. All by moving data between storage systems without disrupting users or applications.

IBM Spectrum Control offers flexible deployment options and provides comprehensive monitoring, automation and analytics to reduce costs and provide insights into your storage environments.

Scalability - Highly scalable, high-performance unified storage

IBM Storage offers an optimal platform to manage big data—both structured and unstructured—to help accelerate analytics of new workloads including social and mobile applications.

IBM supports industry standards, including OpenStack and Hadoop, to complement IBM innovations with solutions from other providers and communities.

IBM Spectrum Scale software-defined storage delivers agility and massive scale on premises or in the cloud, allowing scale-out file system to increase performance without bottlenecks.

Economics - Improved data economics

IBM Storage solutions use automatic policy-based storage tiering, which moves data from flash through disk to tape and cloud tier. This process allocates key data to highest performing tiers and reduces costs by moving "cold" data to lower cost tiers.

IBM Spectrum Scale, with its automated data placement capabilities, ensures data is stored in the right place at an optimal cost. Together with IBM Spectrum Archive, Spectrum Scale moves infrequently accessed, aging data to more economical on-premises tape storage for long-term data retention. This enables you to improve efficiency and reduce your data storage costs.

Performance - Maximum performance

IBM storage solutions help you improve speed to data and gain new levels of meaningful visibility into data. They help accelerate business applications and speed time to insight, to help you make data-driven decisions that will empower your business.

IBM Flash Storage solutions provide the microsecond responses, scalable performance and operational efficiency today's organizations require to unlock insights from massive volumes of data.

Protection - Advanced data protection

IBM offers a scalable infrastructure to protect and recover all types of data including files, objects and databases hosted on premises and in the cloud. Backup and recovery times for critical data can be reduced from hours to just minutes.

Discover how IBM Spectrum Protect can empower you to protect and recover your data with confidence. Plus, Spectrum Protect can reduce your backup infrastructure costs by up to 53 percent.

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