Pebble Beach and IBM

Using Watson’s ability to learn from locals, Pebble Beach is helping make a culturally relevant destination even more relevant to guests and visitors, while allowing Pebble Beach to discover untapped revenue streams through push alerts in the app.

The Business Challenge

Pebble Beach and 17-Mile Drive have a storied tradition as a bucket-list destination. But as they aim to attract a new generation of younger and more tech savvy travelers, this has increased expectations for how to create a more engaging and personalized journey.

The IBM Solution

As the Official Cognitive Solutions Provider to the Pebble Beach Company, IBM joined forces to develop the official mobile app of Pebble Beach Resorts. The app, designed by IBMix and hosted on the IBM Cloud, is embedded with Watson’s cognitive capabilities which enable visitors to experience Pebble Beach as if they’re traveling with a local guide.

By tapping into the cognitive technology of IBM’s Watson Conversation API, the Virtual Concierge allows guests to use natural language to get more relatable answers for requests like “Where can I get a burger?” or “I need a souvenir for my daughter.” The technology uses frame-based dialoguing, where several options are presented versus command-and-response. This natural dialogue helps users discover more unexpected and personal experiences, and helps increase awareness of more Pebble Beach businessesand properties.

Additionally, Pebble Beach and IBM deployed IBM Planning Analytics to help Pebble Beach manage its retail operation with smarter and quicker data analysis. With IBM Planning Analytics in the IBM Cloud, Pebble Beach has been able to capture a more accurate view of its retail operations and plan future merchandising decisions to boost the shoppingexperience, reduce costs and generate increased sales.

How IBM Built the Pebble Beach app with Watson

People using natural language and insights

IBM Watson API

IBM’s Watson Conversation API uses natural language and insights from locals to create a virtual concierge that helps guests discover the many dining, drinking and shopping options throughout the Pebble Beach properties that they may have otherwise never come across.

Screen shot of Virtual Concierge with Watson


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Planning analytics in the Pebble Beach store

IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics on the IBM Cloud collects and analyzes data, designed so that the resort can manage retail operations, ensuring positive customer experiences.