Redefined Data

For more than 20 years, IBM has partnered with the Masters to showcase the beauty, history and tradition of this unique Tournament to golf fans around the world. Together, we have pioneered the digital experience of golf, securing, analyzing and distributing the data that radiates from the course in real time.  

This year, IBM Watson is moving us from scores and statistics to faces and fist pumps. For the first time ever, the Masters is using enterprise-grade artificial intelligence to capture the essence of the competition; the sights and sounds that make this a Tournament unlike any other. 

My Moments

The roar of the crowd. The emotion of the players. The unforgettable calls by announcers. These are Masters moments. The kind you only get at Augusta National. And they may not look like data to us. But Watson is able to process much more than ones and zeroes. It shines a light on the vast universe of content known as “dark data.” 

The Masters is harnessing this power through Watson Media to produce AI highlights. Watson watches hundreds of hours of video from all of the Masters live streams. It identifies the player in each clip, and scores the highlight worthiness of that clip by listening for crowd noise and commentator excitement, and watching for player gestures. The highlights are scored and indexed, making the video production process easier for the Masters digital team. And they are packaged up into personalized highlight reels for users of the My Moments feature in the Masters app. 


My Moments allows fans to customize their Masters app by saving their profile across all digital platforms. End users select their favorite players and highlight packages are tailored to their preferences. The Masters app also features a spoiler-free mode, which determines the last time you checked in on the Tournament action, and chronologically walks you through everything you missed, without revealing the real-time score until you’re caught up.

The power behind the performance

IBM designs, develops and delivers digital experiences for global sporting events including The Masters, Wimbledon and the US Open — but these capabilities aren't all fun and games. The same technologies that perform competitive analyses for players and connect events with millions of fans can help your business outperform the competition and connect with your customers.


We work at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology to help our clients digitally reinvent their businesses.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud enables The Masters and IBM to store and integrate massive amounts of data—from shots to fan cheers—and deliver it to fans in new forms at light speed.

Watson for Cyber Security

IBM security pros can analyze nearly 1 million security events a second, keeping over 90 million Masters app and site visits secure and protected.