What if the Masters could turn data into insight?
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distance picture of a golf hole at the Masters
Data capture at the Masters

The Masters manages a huge volume and variety of data – more than 30 different data points in a single swing of the club – using a data fabric architecture built with IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Tournament data is captured, routed, analyzed and transformed into real-time insights found on the Masters app.

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The Masters Content Center

Masters data flows through the on-premises servers in the Masters Content Center, where IBM Consulting sits side-by-side with the Masters digital team, monitoring the entire operation from start to finish. But these teams work together for months before the tournament, using the IBM Garage and IBM Design Thinking to map the user journey and develop new features for the Masters app.

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The Masters hybrid cloud architecture

Masters data is instantly routed to multiple clouds in multiple locations, where it feeds a variety of applications that are containerized and built on Red Hat OpenShift. This hybrid cloud architecture enables the Masters to write applications once and run them anywhere.

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AI at the Masters

The Masters uses several different AI capabilities to transform raw data into meaningful insights for the digital experience. The process is fully automated, helping the Masters Digital team quickly produce digital content. For example, the new AI Commentary feature uses large language models and text-to-speech capabilities to instantly add spoken commentary to more than 20,000 video clips served up on the Masters app.

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Security at the Masters

IBM Security uses QRadar to identify serious threats from more than 40 million security events, compare those threats with external threat databases (like the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index), and guide cybersecurity analysts on the best course of action.

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The award-winning Masters app

IBM iX and the Masters Digital team use the IBM Garage and design thinking to conceive, develop and deliver the award-winning features in the Masters app.

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