IBM Social Business

I need to create a collaborative workforce that attracts and retains talentenables productivity and gives my organization a competitive edge.

Cultivate a transparent workforce culture that adapts easily to change.


Talent Management

Set new talent management goals, from recruiting to performance to recognition.

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See how Regeneron developed a recruiting strategy that resulted in 350 new hires.

Use collaboration technologies to create more effective and meaningful work experiences.


Social Collaboration and Digital Experience

Improve business processes by changing the way your workforce interacts. IBM collaboration software can change the way you identify, engage and create new market opportunities.

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See how Cemex reduced production time with workforce collaboration solutions.

Use analytics to attract, engage and retain top talent, giving your organization a competitive edge.


Workforce Analytics

Generate actionable insights from the deluge of data shared every day by the people you work with.

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See how AMD provided its sales staff with easier access to content, with additional training to be more effective on the job.

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