Radically transform your procurement organization
Hear from experts at IBM and Spend Matters to learn how market leaders have embraced digital disruption.


Transform your procurement operations

From supplier sourcing through accounts payable, IBM helps transform your procurement organization with enhanced processes to unlock exponential value. IBM's procurement consultants collaborate with clients to create intelligent workflows that combine your procurement team's expertise, exponential technologies like AI and automation, and internal and external data sources — all enabled on your hybrid cloud. By building smarter end-to-end procurement workflows, you can empower employees with powerful insights to do higher value work and transform your procurement strategy.


Reduce operating costs

Reimagine the procurement function with intelligent workflows that hyper-automate, infuse agility and harness exponential technologies, including AI, data analytics and automation, to drive operational efficiencies, cost savings and greater resiliency.

Increase spend savings

Leverage data within the enterprise and across the supplier network to provide bias-free insights that increase supply chain flexibility and responsiveness and enable real-time changes to negotiate optimal pricing.

Improve stakeholder satisfaction

Address supply chain responsibility,
sustainability and supplier diversity to meet customer and partner expectations, improve supplier relationships and increase speed to value with the use of innovative tools and technologies and strategic sourcing.