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Confidently migrate to cloud, without vendor lock-in

What is IBM Multicloud Migration Services?

IBM Multicloud Migration Services helps your business migrate to the cloud with confidence and flexibility. It has several different ways for your business to begin its multicloud migration.

Get started one of three ways:

How can IBM Multicloud Migration Services help your business?

IBM Multicloud Migration Services helps simplify your business’ multicloud migration. IBM has 90,000 cloud experts, deep expertise in over 20 industries, proven methods, and a broad set of cloud solutions to help you discover, migrate, manage and secure your multicloud environment.

What are some benefits that IBM Multicloud Migration Services can help your business attain?

IBM Multicloud Migration Services help you to build a plan, roadmap, and strategy for your business’ multicloud migration and help you with movement between clouds. It has offerings to help optimize your business’ migration success with a plan tailored to address the requirements of your business applications.

Today’s multicloud reality presents new opportunities and challenges


Plan your cloud migration

80% of enterprise workloads have yet to migrate to cloud

Identify movement between clouds

Identify movement between clouds

73% of organizations have identified movement between clouds a primary concern

Manage your multicloud strategy

Manage your multicloud strategy

Only 41% of organizations have a multicloud management strategy

Get started with these featured services

Self Service Discovery and Assessment

Maximize migration success with a plan tailored to address the requirements of your business applications

IBM's Discovery and Assessment solution enables you to:

  • Discover your IT infrastructure and application landscape
  • Create application to asset mapping to validate application footprint
  • Application affinity analysis to map interdependencies between applications and develop a high level plan for migration

Powered by the easy to use Cloudscape tool and supported by IBM experts.

IBM Assisted Cloud Migration

Migrate with confidence. Let IBM experts do the migration for you

  • IBM cloud migration experts help you migrate workloads running on Microsoft and/or Linux operating systems
  • We support migration from any to any environment including  IBM Cloud Public, AWS, Azure or Google
  • Work on your schedule, providing 24x7 execution 
  • Bring Your Own Tool - Cloud Native or 3rd party image based migration tools. Discuss with IBM for the best fit
  • No extra cost for over runs as we charge by workload not time


Already migrated? These are your next steps

Protect your multicloud environment

Recent global  cyber attacks are a clear reminder of the critical importance of a proactive, integrated plan for cyber resilience. IBM delivers business continuity and disaster recovery services that can support your business across hybrid and  multicloud environments.

Optimize your cloud investments

Gain real-time visibility and insights to optimize your investments, and establish and enforce governance control points. This “plug and play” service provides cognitive IT governance, by using predictive analytics to monitor and provide recommendations.

Increase network agility

Traditional networks are slow and stressed by the requirements and security issues accompanying hybrid cloud and adoption of newer technologies. IBM Network Services support your network’s growing need for agility, security and scalability in a multicloud environment.

Deeper insights into the advantages of multicloud migration

Infographic: Accelerate digital transformation

Adopt hybrid and multicloud environments to accelerate digital transformation

Webinar: Multicloud migration

Understand multicloud migration and the top considerations for migrating to this type of environment.

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