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IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides fully managed services for recovery of business-critical systems, applications, data and business processes across on-premises, public cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud environments. Powered by enterprise-class orchestration, replication and storage technologies as well as IBM’s cross-industry expertise, the service is designed to quickly and reliably recover IT infrastructure and business processes as per the RTO/RPO requirements of your business, and mitigate the risks and impact of outages

DRaaS feature spotlights

Improve RTO and RPO

DRaaS provides real-time hypervisor-based, host- or agent-based, and storage replications to enable verifiable and consistent delivery of RTO/RPO of minutes, seconds or near-zero-seconds as demanded by the business.

Multiple delivery models

We provide custom solution architectures for every need: private, public, and hybrid cloud; disk and tape combinations; and replication to second- and third-party sites.

Lower the costs of delivering DR

Sophisticated automation and orchestration capabilities can reduce staffing needed for disaster recovery. Moving to the cloud eliminates the need for redundant in-house recovery servers.

Test and validate recovery processes

Cloud orchestration provides faster, cost-effective workflow automation with real-time, on-demand DR readiness testing and validation as well as a single dashboard for visibility of all processes.

National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.(NSE)

Business challenge
Faced with a heavily manual process that relied upon experts and took several hours for a data center switchover, the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) sought the right tool to automate its disaster recovery operations.

Transformation story
As India’s leading stock exchange, NSE needs to remain available, even during a disaster. By working with IBM® Technology and Consulting Services to implement the IBM Resiliency Orchestration solution for disaster recovery, NSE reduced its switchover time by 80 percent while limiting manual intervention and the potential for human error.

If you ask me how comfortable we are if a disaster strikes, we would be ready for it.

GM Shenoy, CTO, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

The IBM approach

Reliable, verifiable recovery

Reliable, verifiable recovery

Reduce complexity with orchestration, automation and quick provisioning in a software-defined recovery environment. Working consistently with minimal manual intervention or procedural variance, your disaster recovery as a service solution helps reduce errors, risks and dependencies as well as resources needed for testing and documentation.

Optimized resiliency

Optimized resiliency

Induce stakeholder confidence with resilience optimization, a risk-based approach to investments that protects the security and continuity of critical IT service delivery. Avoid downtime with cloud testing and validation of DR processes for insight into how your organization would recover from an outage, and continuously improve those results without disrupting your business.

Data-driven service environment

Data-driven service environment

Address emerging risk or shift strategy on IBM Cloud to speed up cloud resiliency orchestration. Setup and implement DRaaS on IBM Cloud n less than an hour without disrupting day-to-day business. Perform DR tests, and test patches and upgrades. IBM Cloud supports Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and cross-platform testing.

Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach Study: Impact of Business Continuity Management

The report provides quantitative insights into the impacts of BCM programs with or without disaster recovery (DR) automation and orchestration on:

  • Per capita cost of a data breach
  • The mean time to identify and contain a data breach
  • The mean time to recover from a data breach
  • The likelihood of experiencing cyber incidents over the next two years”

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