Enable faster, reliable and granular recovery of workloads across hybrid multicloud

What is IBM Resiliency Orchestration?

IBM Resiliency Orchestration provides intelligent automation of data protection and disaster recovery workflows and enables recovery testing, monitoring, management and reporting across hybrid multicloud environments. The solution delivers automated, reliable and faster recovery of physical and virtual workloads, including business processes, applications, systems and databases.

How it works: IBM Resiliency Orchestration solution overview

The solution can be delivered in two models:

  • IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration – a monitoring and managed service with optional IT discovery and business continuity consulting services.
  • IBM Resiliency Orchestration software – a software model with cyber incident recovery capability and an optional implementation service.

IBM RO solution advantages:

With IBM Resiliency Orchestration, you can be confident about your ability to recover from any outage, either disaster related or infrastructure failure related:

  • Automate complex recovery for multi-vendor physical/virtual environments
  • Provide real-time insight into application data loss and recovery time
  • Detect environment changes that cause recovery failure using dry run capabilities
  • Automate redundant, resource-intensive and costly DR processes
  • Design recovery workflows to meet service levels and RTOs/RPOs
  • Enable global recovery audit reporting and documentation

Features of IBM Resiliency Orchestration

Achieve predictable and faster recovery

Enable predictable recovery within the SLA with DR exercise automation and ensure consistent achievement of the RTO/RPO required by the business.

Improve visibility and control

Use a centralized monitoring and management dashboard to test, validate, provision and failover, and drive more effective audit, compliance management and reporting.

Mitigate the impact of cyber attacks

Use a single management console to provision, monitor, validate, test, and report. Scale across hybrid clouds and traditional data centers, and support complex, hybrid multicloud, multi-vendor, physical and virtual environments. Reliably and quickly restore business operations in the event of a malicious attack to mitigate the impact of disruption.

Save time with intelligent automation

Enable faster and reliable automation of replication and recovery workflows by choosing from more than 600 pre-packed patterns by reducing the need for specialized skills and resources.

Key Features

Complete DR lifecycle monitoring and management

Gain real-time insight into application data loss and recovery time. You can schedule validation runs on a regular basis and get reports of deviations that can impact IT recovery. Rapidly identify causes of recovery test failures. Easily design recovery workflows to meet service levels and RTO/RPO. Eliminate operational disruptions with offsite recovery preparation and testing.

Application and IT Discovery with dependency mapping

Automate the discovery process of logically segmenting the infrastructure with Cloud Resiliency Application and IT Discovery. IBM IT Dependency Mapping uses technology built by IBM Research that provides a quick and unobtrusive way to map business applications.

Air-gap protection and Immutable Storage for recovery

Air-gap protection reduces the exposure of data and Platform Configuration copies from the production network. Paired with Immutable storage technology, this helps prevent corruption from a cyberattack and ensures recoverability by not allowing changes to be made once they are saved.

IBM Resiliency Block Replicator

IBM Resiliency Orchestration offers replication capabilities in multi-cloud environments to increase flexibility in public and private Clouds. It increases flexibility by providing built-in block replication capabilities to replicate Virtual Machines within any Cloud that is based on VMware’s virtualization technology. This function complements the orchestration capabilities of IBM Resiliency Orchestration to include Data Movement without requiring third party Data Movers or Copy Data Management solutions.

National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE)

Business challenge
Faced with a heavily manual process that relied upon experts and took several hours for a data center switchover, the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) sought the right tool to automate its disaster recovery operations.

Transformation story
As India’s leading stock exchange, NSE needs to remain available, even during a disaster. By working with IBM® Technology and Consulting Services to implement the IBM Resiliency Orchestration solution for disaster recovery, NSE reduced its switchover time by 80 percent while limiting manual intervention and the potential for human error.

If you ask me how comfortable we are if a disaster strikes, we would be ready for it.

GM Shenoy, CTO, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

IBM Services differentiators

Support for hybrid multicloud

Seamless replication and recovery between on-premises, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid multicloud environments.

Enhanced monitoring and reporting

Proactively redefine your DR strategy for changing business environments with resiliency orchestration software and implementation services. Employ a centralized dashboard for real-time monitoring of vulnerability status, RTO/RPO deviations and recovery-readiness, along with actionable intelligence and built-in reporting modules.

Cyber incident recovery

Highly recommended with a software purchase. Leverage a skilled IBM team for effective configuration and full use of all functions. A capability purpose-built for cyber resilience, enabling rapid recovery of applications, platform configurations and data during and after a cyber outage.

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Business Continuity topics

Understand how to plan for and react when business disruptions are happening.

What are RTO & RPO?

RTO (Recovery time  and RPO are two important indicators that companies need to consider in order to develop an effective disaster recovery plan

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Vice President, Business Resiliency Services

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Cyrus Niltchian

Offering Manager, Resiliency Orchestration

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Patrick Corcoran

Global Strategy Executive, Business Resiliency Services

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