Good cyber hygiene requires a strong security culture and the right technology


of organizations are not following industry standard baselines for hygiene


of organizations are not scanning for vulnerabilities weekly


of known attacks can be prevented by good security hygiene

Basics aren’t always easy in a complex IT world

More tech, more problems

More tech, more problems

Getting a clear view of every possible issue or threat access point can seem like an overwhelming task. Protecting the organization by finding and patching all those gaps seems insurmountable, and can feel disruptive and overly complicated.

More technology can just add to the level of complication by cluttering visibility and taking more time and expertise to secure.

Business doesn’t stop for security

Business doesn’t stop for security

Finding the issues is just the tip of the iceberg – rolling out solutions can take way too long, leaving the organization vulnerable.

But the consequences of falling behind on security hygiene can be even more painful, especially if it means negative publicity or loss of business. Finding a balance between protecting the company and keeping business rolling along can seem impossible.

The department of “no”

The department of “no”

It’s easy for security to seem like the bad guy. Enforcing security policies for governance and oversight requires a cautious approach that can seem obstructive.

Leading the company while protecting it is a challenge, especially when the company focus is on growth. There’s a real struggle between enabling business and being the team that’s concerned with security precautions.

Create a security culture to protect the entire IT stack with continuous security hygiene

Cover your security bases

Cover your security bases

Getting a hygiene framework in place – and then executing against it – makes your organization more secure.

From data to endpoints, from legacy to the future, your methodology should cover it all so you can rest easier. Best practices and recommendations from a crowd-sourced and open ecosystem help you cover the gaps. Simplified, commonly used processes can provide a “frictionless” experience.

Simplifysecurity hygiene

Simplify security hygiene

Technology complexity is one of the biggest hindrances to maintaining your security hygiene strategy.

Simplifying the view of your ecosystem and putting automation and AI to work can help reduce the strain of routine hygiene tasks. Talented experts provide guidance to help you gain greater efficiencies and offer visibility so you can see what needs to be done, and where to focus.

Createg a security culture

Create a security culture

The best processes in the world are only effective if your organization has a security hygiene culture.

From defining policies to applying them, continuous monitoring and remediation, enforcement and change, the fate of the organization’s security is in your hands – and creating that culture is the first step to success.

Create a culture of security hygiene in an unsafe world

Enhance security hygiene offerings

IBM BigFix

Endpoint management and security to help cut operational cost, compress endpoint management cycles and enforce compliance in realtime.

IBM Security Guardium

A comprehensive data protection platform to automatically analyze events, ensure data integrity and automate compliance controls.

IBM Security Access Manager

Simplify your users' access while more securely adopting web, mobile and cloud technologies.

IBM Cloud Identity

Secure user productivity with cloud-delivered Single Sign-On (SSO), multifactor authentication, and identity governance. 

IBM Security AppScan

Identify and remediate application security vulnerabilities and protect applications at every phase of the development lifecycle.

IBM Application Security on Cloud

Cloud-based application security that helps mitigate security risks for web, cloud and mobile applications.

IBM X-Force Red Services

Penetration testing and vulnerability management programs to identify and remediate security flaws.

IBM Application Security Services

Secure applications with comprehensive application security

IBM Identity and Access Management Services

Silent security with identity and access management solutions for today's hybrid environments.

IBM Guardium Services

Automatically monitors access to data sources, automates compliance controls, and protects sensitive data.

The risks of poor security hygiene

Where’s the gap that could bring down your security? Gaps are everywhere, and if your organization doesn’t have an end-to-end solution to protect and remediate, you could be exposed to threats that can cause serious harm. See how easy it is to get hacked or, conversely, to keep the business secure.

The risks of poor security hygiene

Enhance security hygiene resources

A strategy for security hygiene is more than just a list of check boxes. Learn how you can streamline and automate for efficiency across the enterprise.

IBM security hygiene solutions combine technology and expertise for greater efficiency and visibility – so you can see what needs to be done and where to focus.

Creating a culture of security hygiene is about more than just enforcement. From legacy to future systems, an end-to-end solution keeps your enterprise safe.