Reduce the risk of your employees falling for an attacker’s ruse

Social engineering is one of the most common attack methods used by criminals to trick employees into downloading malware, opening a door to a company’s headquarters, and other actions that pave the way for a compromise. Whether it’s through email, phone or physical break-ins, attackers develop realistic pretexts to achieve their objectives.

In more than 100 physical ruses X-Force® Red social engineering experts have executed against organizations, they were only stopped once. More than half of employees plug in USB drives planted by X-Force Red during engagements, and about 30% of employees click on the team’s custom-crafted links in phishing emails.

Just one of those mishaps can enable an attacker to compromise an organization, which is why it is critical for organizations to reduce the risk of a real attack succeeding.

X-Force Red social engineering services include

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X-Force Red creates and distributes customized emails to discover if employees will click on malicious links, open malicious attachments, or visit a suspicious web page and provide their credentials.

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X-Force Red calls employees, using the same tactics as attackers to trick them into divulging sensitive information over the phone.

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X-Force Red uses disguises, badge cloning, bypassing and other techniques to physically enter buildings and identify security flaws.

Why X-Force Red is unique

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Attacker reconnaissance

X-Force Red performs extensive attacker reconnaissance before every engagement to collect public information about its targets that an attacker could leverage.

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People and process testing

X-Force Red uncovers if employees fall for a social engineering ruse and if they follow internal incident response processes.

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No templates

X-Force Red creates, customizes and executes all pretexts, similar to what criminals would do. No templates or client’s resources are used.

X-Force Red social engineering helps

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Uncover employee vulnerabilities

Find out if employees would fall for a social engineering attack

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Uncover process vulnerabilities

Discover how employees respond to an attack, and if they follow the established reporting policies

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Reduce risk

Remediate vulnerabilities and prevent a real attacker from succeeding


Protect critical assets using an attacker’s mindset

X-Force Red’s social engineering services are part of the team’s penetration testing portfolio.

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Everyone loves donuts, especially hackers

Hear real hacker stories, which include a social engineering ruse by the X-Force Red lead social engineer, “Snow.”