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Log management is a “must do” in security. Yet, with the increasing sophistication of cybersecurity, you can no longer rely on log management for simple aggregation, display and storage. This is particularly true in a hybrid environment where your firm may have multiple IT platforms. How can you perform log management in a way that helps provide visibility and insight into your network and IT infrastructure?

Intelligent log management on cloud from IBM®, part of the IBM Threat Insight Platform, helps meet these challenges. It’s a cloud-based log management service designed to simplify security and compliance management needs for hybrid IT environments.

Our services provide

Security intelligence technology

The IBM QRadar® Security Intelligence Platform provides a single, unified architecture

Powerful analytics

An advanced IBM Sense Analytics™ Engine detects advanced threats, and hosted, multi-tenant technology

Flexible service choices

Option for an on-premises service, a hosted, managed model, or Software as a Service

Rapid scale and deployment

Scales to support millions of events per second within a single unified database in real time

Our solution helps

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Pay for what you use as an operational expense with no need for hardware and other capital expenditures



Across your existing and future infrastructure, with support for more than 400 platforms



Additional features and functionality can be added easily, all the way to full IBM QRadar SIEM capabilities



Available on demand with 24x7 chat, managed services can be added anytime, and embedded enterprise-grade security intelligence with IBM X-Force® Exchange

Understand the options

IBM Intelligent log management

Improve visibility across your existing and evolving infrastructure.