Better manage your vulnerability data

High-profile security breaches have become routine. Yet, many organizations still rely on traditional assessments that fail to identify outside-the-norm vulnerabilities and ad hoc penetration testing that produces overwhelming data that is mostly unusable. Is your organization one of them? X-Force® Red can help.

X-Force Red delivers a security testing program that focuses on rapid testing of any target, management of vulnerability data and analytics to help you rate your risk. Our experts work with you to document your requirements and recommend the appropriate testing profile for each of your targets.

The X-Force Red Portal is a collaboration, project management and reporting portal that helps you centralize and manage your security testing program. It provides a single, interactive view into your asset vulnerabilities across your enterprise. The Red Portal allows clients to schedule security tests on-demand, see test status and review current findings. In fact, findings can be reviewed as soon as a tester documents them, even before the entire test is completed, allowing remediation efforts to start sooner. No more waiting two or three weeks for a test to finish before fixes can be initiated. 

In addition, the Red Portal holds historical data allowing clients to see progress in testing over time. Is one network, device or application consistently showing bad results, test after test? Or are things improving? With historical data you can gain these insights and more.

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Testing pillars

Test mobile, web, IoT and back-end applications

X-Force Red can provide manual penetration testing, secure code review, binary analysis and vulnerability assessments of any platforms.

Application testing

Attack and exploitation exercises evaluate your network’s effectiveness

X-Force Red testing can be conducted as a simulated attack to test your security team’s responses, jointly with your security team as a learning exercise, or both for maximum impact. Specific scenario-based tests can take the form of an external threat, a malicious insider, hacktivist or nation-state attack. 

X-Force Red provides results immediately through our Red Portal. With findings available as soon as they are found, even before the test is complete, you can start remediation activities right away.

Network testing

Use holistic systems engineering to test hardware

Hardware security differs in many ways from traditional information security in that the threat actors often have unlimited physical access to the target. This results in significant changes to the technical threat and commercial risk landscape.

X-Force Red approaches hardware security using holistic systems engineering principles. Our team works with you  to help with design guidance and support right from the concept stage through production, including schematic and PCB design, firmware development, secure boot, firmware update, usage of cryptography and storage of cryptographic material through to supply chain validation and build standards.

hardware testing

Human behavior

Humans are one of the most important but often the weakest link in an organization’s security. Determining the risks of human behavior is one of the key aspects of physical security. It’s often true that, once physical access to a device, endpoint, network or application is achieved, all bets are off. 

X-Force Red provides robust physical security assessments including onsite risk analysis and full Red team physical security engagements. Simulations of phishing campaigns, social engineering and more are both a staff training aid and a way to determine the risks in your environment. 

Human testing

Penetration Testing services provide

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Access to IBM X-Force Red security testing specialists with the collective experience of the IBM global organization.

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Strategic and efficient testing and assessment approach to identify your enterprise risks and vulnerabilities.

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Simple scoping metrics that accommodate multiple levels of testing to meet business requirements.

More connectivity means greater vulnerability

Test your connected cars

With more than 100 million lines of code, today’s automobiles are computers on wheels, making them mobile targets.

Test your IoT solutions

X-Force Red is collaborating with Watson IoT Platform™ to deliver security testing to Internet of Things programs.

X-Force Red portal

Create and manage an offensive security testing program using our cloud-based collaboration platform.


Move beyond traditional security testing strategies

Preempt attacks with programmatic and active testing by X-Force Red. 

Defending against cyber attacks

X-Force Red can help organizations uncover their vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do. 

Take a programmatic approach

X-Force Red delivers a security testing program that focuses on management of vulnerability data, rapid testing of any target, and analytics to help you rate your risk.