Fix vulnerabilities before criminals find them

High-profile security breaches have become routine. Yet, many organizations continue to rely on tool-based assessments, which fail to identify unknown vulnerabilities. Is your organization one of them? X-Force® Red can help.

X-Force Red delivers a security testing program that combines tool-based and manual testing to uncover and help fix known and unknown vulnerabilities exposing your most sensitive assets. Our experts work with you to document your requirements and recommend the appropriate testing profile for each of your targets.

The X-Force Red Portal is a communication and collaboration platform that helps you centralize and manage your security testing program. It enables security leaders, vulnerability management teams and whomever else is involved in the remediation process to view test findings immediately after vulnerabilities are uncovered. The Red Portal also allows clients to schedule security tests whenever they prefer and directly communicate with testers throughout the engagement.

The Red Portal holds historical data allowing clients to see progress in risk reduction over time. Is one network, device or application consistently showing bad results, test after test? Or, are things improving? With historical data you can gain these insights and more.

Testing pillars

Test mobile, web, IoT and back-end applications

X-Force Red can provide manual penetration testing, secure code review, binary analysis and vulnerability assessments of any platforms.

Application testing

Prevent opportunistic attacks

X-Force Red manual network penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities that may lead to opportunistic attacks, such a digital front door left open, allowing an attacker to walk in and go through data.

Testing uncovers vulnerabilities that scanners cannot, such as logic flaws, back doors and misconfigured products.

Network testing

Test your hardware from an engineering and security viewpoint

With black-box testing, X-Force Red can reverse-engineer your devices to find vulnerabilities during the development lifecycle.

With white-box testing, X-Force Red can assess source code and data flowing in and out of systems, and identify vulnerabilities in product implementation and external libraries.

hardware testing

Minimize human-centric risk

Humans are one of the most important but often the weakest link in an organization’s security. Determining the risks of human behavior is one of the key aspects of physical security. It’s often true that, once physical access to a device, endpoint, network or application is achieved, all bets are off. 

X-Force Red provides robust physical security assessments including onsite risk analysis and full Red team physical security engagements. Simulations of phishing campaigns, social engineering and more are both a staff training aid and a way to determine the risks in your environment. 

Human testing

X-Force Red penetration testing services provide

Access to IBM X-Force Red security testing specialists with the collective experience of the IBM global organization.

An understanding of vulnerabilities exposing your most valuable assets and assistance with remediation.

Strategic and efficient testing and assessment approach to identify your enterprise risks and vulnerabilities.

Attacker-minded security testing. X-Force Red uses the same tools, techniques, practices and mindset as criminals.

Simple scoping and a predictable monthly fixed rate for testing services.

More connectivity means more risk

Test your connected cars and ATMs

X-Force Red has ATM and automotive-specific testing practices.

Test your IoT devices

X-Force Red can test your IoT devices on-site or in one of four, global X-Force Red Labs.

The X-Force Red Portal

Find out your most critical vulnerabilities as they are uncovered using our cloud-based communication and collaboration platform.


Move beyond traditional security testing strategies

Uncover and fix known and unknown vulnerabilities before criminals find them.

Stay ahead of the criminals

Think your networks, applications and devices are secure? X-Force Red can find out.

Take a programmatic approach

X-Force Red delivers a security testing program that combines tool-based and manual testing to identify and help fix known and unknown vulnerabilities exposing your most valued assets.