Winning the battle of the breach

Data breach prevention requires a thoughtful, realistic, and proactive approach to security across your organization. Everything from your vulnerability to your risk must be assessed.

Four steps to data breach prevention

Step 1: Prioritize

Set your business objectives and risk tolerance

Strike a balance between protecting data assets and enabling productive, innovative workplaces. Hard decisions need to be made about the protection for different parts of the business.

Step 2: Protect

Have a proactive security plan

In this critical stage of security planning, you need to be aware, understand the threat landscape, and actively work to protect your organization. This requires both technology and policy decisions.

Step 3: Prepare

Be ready for a sophisticated attack

With the evolution of advanced persistent threats, your organization will eventually succumb to a data breach. A coordinated and tested response plan is critical, as is access to the right resources and skills.

Step 4: Promote

Support a culture of security awareness

One careless employee can undo a chief security officer's master plan. That's why every employee must partner with security professionals to ensure the safety of corporate data. And security must be built into the culture of the organization.

Understand the issues

Help defuse IT security risks

Fight cybercrime with greater efficiency with a programmatic approach.

Understand the options

Evolving threats to data security

Learn more about the steps you can take to prevent breaches in your organization

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