How are you protecting your business-critical data today?

The most valuable information in your organization should be guarded and tracked as if your company’s survival depended on it. While data loss prevention is where many enterprises start, it’s just one component of a larger strategy for critical data protection.

IBM Critical Data Protection Program provides a comprehensive approach, with its five key practices, to protecting your most critical data from unauthorized access, exposure or theft.

Five key practices of IBM Critical Data Protection Program

Discovers data pictogram

Discovers data

Assesses current data environment and completes the data discovery process through data analysis

Classifies data pictogram

Classifies data

Organizes data by relevant categories so that it may be used and protected more efficiently

Establishes data security strategy pictogram

Establishes data security strategy

Assesses and scores current data security processes by performing gap analysis and developing risk mitigation roadmap

Protects data pictogram

Protects data

Plans, designs and implements critical data security solutions including data loss prevention, encryption and cryptographic services

Monitors data pictogram

Monitors data

Determines governance process and metrics to enable monitoring, communications and response for data security

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