Are you testing your applications for security vulnerabilities?

Nearly one-third of all security compromises happen at the application level, but many organizations avoid critical testing because specialized skills, budget and time are in short supply. With cloud application security services, you gain the advantages of cloud — flexibility, automation, speed, cost-effectiveness — and the expertise of leading consultants to help you improve the security of your apps.

Introducing IBM Application Security on Cloud Consulting Services

IBM Application Security on Cloud Consulting Services solution is designed to meet a range of your organization’s needs, from a quick training session on the IBM Application Security on Cloud SaaS product for your team, to deeper security consulting services.

Six key benefits of application testing cloud services

Fast start

Get up to speed quickly with expertise and guidance on the IBM Application Security on Cloud testing and risk management features.

Assessment review

Get help with reviewing test results and dashboards, and learn how to prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities in your apps.

Scan for me

An IBM consultant configures and runs your scan, validates the results, walks through the results with you, and suggests how to prioritize fixes.

Application penetration test

An IBM “ethical hacker” conducts a controlled, manual interrogation of your application to identify vulnerabilities.

Advisor on demand

Work with IBM security consultants to accomplish your specific goals, such as code review, remediation support, and program management.

Flexible services

Purchase and redeem engagement units for the services you need when you need them.

Understand the issues

State of Application Security Risk Management

Ponemon Institute separates the current reality of organizations’ application security risk management activities from “urban legends.”

Help defuse IT security risks

Fight cybercrime with greater efficiency with a programmatic approach.

Next steps

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