Is your critical data really safe from attackers?

Year after year, millions of records containing personally identifiable information are stolen from organizations and sold on the dark web. For the victim organizations – not to mention the victims themselves – these attacks can be extremely costly. To keep sensitive and critical data out of the hands of cyber criminals, security teams to know exactly where this data lives in the organization, monitor access to the systems and applications that house the data, and quickly detect any abnormal access to or use of the data.

Detect threats faster to stop attackers in their tracks

The IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform is designed to help organizations easily detect sensitive data on the network, identify potential risks and quickly alert security teams to suspicious activities that may signal an attempt of data theft. QRadar continuously analyzes network traffic to detect new assets on the network and determine which systems store what types of data. An optional vulnerability scanner prioritizes risks and vulnerabilities, and integrations with complementary security solutions help provide valuable insights into sensitive databases and access entitlements throughout the network.

By continuously monitoring changes to the network topology and access to sensitive systems, QRadar security analytics can help security teams detect activities – such as suspicious movement of data or anomalous access to data – that may signal an attempt to steal or corrupt sensitive information. By detecting these activities early in the attack cycle, security teams gain the ability to respond to these threats before attackers are able steal or alter sensitive data.

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