Delivering trusted security with every shipment
Yunda builds a consolidated security architecture to help protect billions of parcels annually—and the customer data tied to each one

“Enterprises are in a rapidly changing business environment, and network security threats are everywhere,” explains Zhoulong Yang, Vice President of Yunda Express. “More and more Chinese customers have taken security as the top priority of the enterprise’s digital transformation strategy.”

A freight services provider based in Shanghai, China, Yunda has more than 32,441 outlets and 200,000 couriers, as of the end of 2021. Yunda processes large shipment volumes—18.402 billion parcels in 2021—and massive amounts of personal information each day. With such a significant footprint, the company has made security a critical component of its business. As a leader in personal information protection and customer satisfaction, Yunda has built an extensive security system to protect its business against threats, while also ensuring compliance with domestic and international requirements.

However, with increasing business demands, security solutions have become more complex and disjointed. To continuously respond to new business needs and create a strong security barrier, Yunda has deployed many different platforms, data systems and applications. Yunda IT employees manage numerous firewalls, endpoints and business links, along with an extensive equipment inventory.

With so many people and processes in place at Yunda, data security had become siloed, and development processes became more difficult to control. To address these issues, Yunda and IBM came together to create a consolidated security architecture and a unified data platform. 

Faster Response



Responds to security incidents 6x faster with a security solution from IBM

Real-time Data Protection


Protects critical data for more than 200000 couriers and stops misconduct in real time

More and more Chinese customers have taken security as the top priority of the enterprise’s digital transformation strategy. Zhoulong Yang Vice President Yunda Express
Real-time response to security threats

Yunda and IBM developed a plan to integrate the freight company’s security silos into a unified security control center. Yunda implemented the IBM Cloud Pak® for Security and IBM® QRadar® solutions running on containers and a hybrid cloud platform, including the Red Hat® OpenShift® container platform. IBM Cloud Pak for Security is an open platform that helps Yunda integrate its existing security tools quickly and gain deeper insight into threats across environments. The platform provides full-process, standing compliance reports and certifications, and enforces privacy regulations based on various regulatory requirements. Yunda can quickly search for threats, orchestrate operations and automate responses, all without moving data.

With QRadar, a network security management platform that provides situational awareness and compliance support, Yunda establishes an automatic alert system. The right people can access the right data, analyze and detect abnormal network access, fully protect the security of critical data and stop misconduct in real time.

With IBM's security solutions, we have greatly improved our efficiency. Zhoulong Yang Vice President Yunda Express
Efficiency skyrockets with consolidated security

“With IBM's security solutions, we have greatly improved our efficiency,” says Yang. In fact, Yunda can now respond to security incidents six times faster.

Yunda’s security staff can monitor security operations across its business and respond to security requests and incidents immediately. With this solution, Yunda can proactively respond to threats, actively protect customers’ personal information and safely operate its business.

Yunda is eager to continue its digital transformation and cloud adoption journey so that it can provide the most innovative and secure service to its customers, while streamlining business processes. “With improved operations, Yunda security personnel can focus more on high-value strategic work,” explains Yang. “These capabilities provided by IBM security solutions allow us to truly achieve cost reduction and efficiency for the enterprise.”

Yunda Express Logo
About Yunda Express

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Shanghai, Yunda is committed to becoming a leading integrated express logistics service provider. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) on December 23, 2016 (stock abbreviation: Yunda shares; stock code: 002120). As of June 2022, Yunda's service network covers 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, reaching more than 266 countries and regions around the world, providing high-quality lifestyle experiences to domestic and foreign customers. In 2021, Yunda delivered over 18.402 billion parcels, with a compound annual growth rate of over 30.1% and a market share of nearly 16.99%. Among large-scale express companies, Yunda ranks among the best in terms of express delivery time limit and customer satisfaction.

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