Privileged access management (PAM) solutions

Reduce the risk of cyberattacks and secure digital business with privileged access management, application control and endpoint privilege security

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Protect endpoints and privileged credentials

Data breaches are almost always the result of compromised endpoints and privileged credentials. That’s why monitoring and protection of privileged accounts has become crucial. Implementing least-privilege security on the endpoint is also mission-critical, as local administrator rights are prime targets for cyber criminals. To thoroughly protect sensitive data, solutions need to be in place that keep both endpoints and privileged credentials secure.


See interactive demo Install easily and rapidly Readily deploy and maintain PAM as an automated routine in your daily operations. Get up and running fast with turnkey installation and out-of-the-box auditing and reporting tools. Protect expanding attack surface Provide immediate access to multiple databases, software applications, hypervisors, network devices and security tools to manage privileged access across the enterprise end to end. Control and customize PAM Create endless customizations with direct control to on-premises and cloud privileged access management.

Use cases

PAM use cases Take control of service account governance Secure, provision and decommission accounts to harden your attack surface. Explore IBM Security™ Verify Privilege Account Lifecycle Manager (83.8 KB) Unify PAM across multiple operating systems Use active directory to manage Linux and UNIX access and policy across hybrid multicloud. Explore IBM Security™ Verify Privilege Server Suite On-Premises (115 KB) Watch the webinar introducing Verify Privilege Server Suite Vaulting, auditing and privileged access control for IT admins Discover, manage, protect and audit privileged accounts across your organization. Explore IBM Security™ Verify Privilege Vault Application control and least privilege Enforce least-privilege security and control application rights on endpoints. Explore IBM Security™ Verify Privilege Manager High-velocity secrets management for DevOps Centrally manage passwords used to access applications and services. Explore IBM Security™ Verify Privilege DevOps Vault (565 KB)

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IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault

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IBM Security™ Verify Privilege Manager

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