Every business needs to prioritize security

Small business does not mean small security needs. Businesses of all sizes need to ensure they have the proper solutions in place to protect their employees and customers from ever-evolving cyber threats. Small business cybersecurity is also key in maintaining consumer trust, and, with the average cost of a data breach at 3.9 million USD, avoid lost revenue.

Secure the cloud

Expose the hidden risks in multi-cloud environments

Address compliance

Visibility, monitoring and reporting according to breach requirements

Detect advanced threats

Detect sophisticated, stealthy attacks happening in your network

Identify malicious insiders

Gain visibility into behavioral anomalies that may signal an active insider threat

Take advantage of leading threat management solutions

Advanced security solutions, once only accessible to large enterprises due to price and infrastructure requirements, are now built for use by businesses of all sizes.

Solve your security implementation, service and training concerns with security managed  services based on IBM Security QRadar® and IBM Security Resilient®, integrated threat management solutions delivered through the robust IBM managed security service provider (MSSP) network. You’ll have access to the industry-leading security information and event management (SIEM) and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platforms at a scale and price point that works for your business.

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IBM Security solutions

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IBM Security QRadar: SIEM

Detect cloud misconfigurations, demonstrate compliance with security regulations, gain visibility into malicious insider activity and detect advanced threats across on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Easily incorporate hundreds of IBM and third-party applications and integrations, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Office 365 and Active Directory.

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IBM Security Resilient: SOAR

Accelerate cyber resilience, protect against security incidents, and fast-track incident response. Meet privacy breach notification requirements by adding support for regulations like GDPR, CCPA and more than 170 other global, state and industry-specific regulations.

One of the main reasons we chose QRadar is that you can quickly take a customer from no operational security to a very mature security posture using the same platform.

Gustav Rydmark, Managed Security Services Engineer, Atea Sverige AB

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