Uncover, analyze and visualize security risks to your business

Uncover, analyze and visualize security risks to your business

Business leaders need right-now information, right-sized understanding, visibility and efficient controls to protect their organizations from very real security risks. IBM Data Risk Manager leverages capabilities from the Agile 3 Solutions acquisition.

Prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats

Uncover sensitive data risk across your environment

Analyze potential risk that may impact sensitive data

Visualize data-related business risk at a glance

Act to mitigate risk to protect the organization

About IBM Data Risk Manager

IBM Data Risk Manager leverages capabilities from Agile 3 Solutions, an IBM Company, to provide comprehensive and dynamic views of data-related business risk to leaders across the organization. It offers an intuitive data-risk dashboard and control center that helps uncover, analyze, and visualize risks, so that the right action can be taken to proactively protect the business.

IBM Data Risk Manager helps organizations answer questions such as:

  • Which business lines carry the greatest risk?
  • What sensitive data is at risk?
  • How valuable is the at-risk data?
  • Who owns the data?
  • Which users are putting data at risk?


In association with this announcement, IBM also acquired Ravy Technologies, an Agile 3 Solutions subcontractor. Ravy Technologies helps transform today's business processes with next-generation solutions, enables effective governance by providing insights into business performance, and aims to help organizations move to the next level of business maturity, resulting in a competitive advantage.

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