The IBM Java API for CCA (jCCA) package consist of a Java Framework, which gives access to use all the Cryptographic services available in the IBM CCA and IBM ICSF software interface to the IBM cryptographic hardware.

jCCA can also be used for applications running in the IBM Websphere server environment.

jCCA framework highlights:

  • Support verbs/services common to all CCA platforms.
  • Supports functions available for IBM 4764, and IBM 4765 Cryptographic coprocessors on Power (AIX) and Intel (Linux, Windows)  (32/64 bit).
  • Supports functions available on z Systems via IBM ICSF Cryptographic Services - including CPACF functions (31/64 bit).
  • Supports zLinux
  • Limited Java Cryptographic Architecture (JCA) implementation using CCA cryptographic hardware.



By using the IBM jCCA package it is possible to create high-security applications in Java.

IBM jCCA provides state of the art Cryptography to applications across platforms and gives application scalability a new dimension.


IBM jCCA covers a wide range of IBM platforms, and thus ensures that investments in development of secure applications can be utilized cost effectively for both a low and a high volume of transactions.

User friendly solution

The interface provided by jCCA is consistent across all platforms. The application programmers only have to learn one interface to CCA. The differences in CCA between for example 31 bits and 64 bits verbs on the z/OS platform are handled by IBM jCCA so that the application programmers only need to know the jCCA Java API.

Supported Environments

  1. Supports ALL CCA functions present in the general available IBM CCA and ICSF versions on the platforms where they are supported, which covers z Systems: zOS, zLinux;  Power: AIX;   Intel86 (Lenovo): Linux, windows.


  1. jCCA only supports operation systems which are supported by IBM Cryptographic Hardware drivers on server proven platforms.
  2. The 64bit support requires a 64bit JVM.


  1. CCCC provides ongoing support for IBM jCCA. Maintenance includes fixes and access to new releases whenever available.
  2. IBM CCCC has encryption and security experts which can advice and support on all levels.

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