IBM BigFix: The market-leading endpoint management and security platform

The endpoint landscape changes constantly.  IT infrastructure and security specialists struggle to access current information on operating systems, software versions, application usage and compliance drift on every PC, server, ATM or point-of-sale system across the enterprise. Without effective discovery, deployment and enforcement, the likelihood of a successful endpoint attack grows exponentially. If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it.

With IBM® BigFix®, IT departments can cut operational costs, compress endpoint management cycles and enforce compliance in real-time. Learn how:

IBM BigFix is for enterprise IT infrastructure and security specialists who want to:

  • Patch systems faster, with higher success rates
  • Query endpoints and get answers in seconds
  • Keep remote servers and internet-facing endpoints updated, secure, and always properly configured
  • Ensure continuous compliance with security and regulatory policies
  • Reduce annual software spend
  • Accelerate Windows 10 migrations 

Discover quickly

First identifies then provides accurate, real-time information about your endpoints regardless of operating system, location or connectivity

Manage easily

Deploys and patches operating systems and third-party software, assesses application usage, monitors compliance and inventories endpoints across multiple operation systems to reduce the cost, time and effort of managing endpoints

Secure continuously

Provides continuous monitoring, patching and compliance enforcement across endpoints

The collaborative endpoint management and security platform


Continuous policy enforcement and reporting


Software patching, distribution and provisioning


Audit authorized and unauthorized software


Automated patching with high first-pass success

Connect with IBM BigFix

Analysis and insight

Keep up with the latest endpoint security and management news.

Don’t drown in a sea of cyber threats

Discovery and Patch Management

A single-server single-console management system to identify, patch and report on multiple endpoints.


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