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IBM BigFix: A collaborative endpoint management and security platform

IT security and operations teams are struggling to keep pace with global cyber criminals – often using up to 85 different tools from up to 45 different vendors. This makes it hard to prioritize patching and remediation. Plus, not all remediation tools are created equal.  If you can’t see your endpoints and your tools don’t work together, you can’t secure your devices and data.

With IBM® BigFix®, IT operations and security teams can collaborate more effectively to cut operational costs, compress endpoint management cycles, enforce compliance in real-time and improve productivity. Here's how:

  • Extending existing capabilities and addressing any functional gaps that may exist within a particular tool
  • Enabling staff to use solutions they’re already familiar and avoiding training costs and ramp-up delays
  • Empowering security and infrastructure teams to see and act on the same endpoint data without switching between multiple applications (which also saves time and can enable better decision making)
  • Optimizing ROI on existing investments

Can effective patch posture reporting help you identify security risk, reduce operational cost, and enhance compliance effectiveness?

IBM BigFix addresses the needs of enterprise IT infrastructure and security specialists

Discover quickly

Discover quickly

  • Identifies and provides accurate, real-time information about your endpoints — regardless of operating system, location or connectivity
  • Enables SOC security teams to see endpoint data within their existing security information and event management (SIEM) and incident response tools
Manage easily

Manage easily

  • Quickly deploys and patches operating systems and third-party software with high first-pass success rates
  • Reduces annual software spend by assessing application usages
  • Inventories endpoints across multiple operating systems
  • Integrates with endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools to help security teams better identify threats and operations teams to remediate endpoints at scale
Secure continuously

Secure continuously

  • Provides continuous monitoring, patching, and enforcement of security policies across endpoints
  • Keeps remote servers and internet-facing endpoints updated, secure, and always properly configured
  • Integrates with network access control tools to enforce endpoint compliance for stronger network access control and remediation workflow orchestration

Collaborative endpoint management and security ecosystems are critical for any in-depth strategic defense

The collaborative endpoint management and security platform


Continuous policy enforcement and reporting


Software patching, distribution and provisioning


Audit authorized and unauthorized software


Automated patching with high first-pass success

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