Understand web and app interaction

Trusteer discerns the difference between the way customers and fraudsters interact with your website and apps.

Combine cognitive and analytics

Trusteer pairs cognitive fraud detection with patented analytics and machine learning using behavioral biometrics.

Reduce costs the intelligent way

Avoid false positives with real-time fraud detection and protection, and use resources to grow your business instead

Transparently detect new account fraud

What happens when you need to validate a new customer? Without prior information or customer records, and when the information you rely on is publicly available, it can be a challenging task to determine whether an account was created by a true user or a fraudster.

The IBM® Trusteer® New Account Fraud solution correlates rich, proprietary insights with mobile carrier intelligence to help you understand, detect and predict the risk of fraudulent intent early in the new digital account creation process. Your organization can gain the transparency required when assessing fraud risk, enabling a seamless digital account creation experience for your customers.

IBM Trusteer New Account Fraud solution provides

Advanced intelligence and global insights

Correlate advanced intelligence with our global fraudsters database to differentiate true users from fraudsters.

Predict new account fraud patterns

Use rich proprietary insights and global mobile carrier intelligence, coupled with advanced analytics and machine learning, to understand, detect, and predict the risk of fraudulent intent.

Assess the risk transparently

Assess new account creation risk to improve the customer experience and accelerate digital acceptance.

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Transparently detecting new account fraud

Power digital transformations by seamlessly assessing the risk of new digital identities

Rapidly customize, test and deploy new policies

Identify emerging cybercrime trends early to neutralize new threats.

New Account Fraud

Improving the assessment of digital identities

Transforming phishing detection

Learn about IBM Trusteer’s cognitive approach to phishing detection.


More stolen data, more new account fraud. What’s next?

Detecting digital identity fraud with IBM Trusteer

Welcome customers in, keep fraudsters out

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