Phishing detection to protect your end users

IBM® Trusteer® introduces patented analytics and machine learning to automatically detect phishing attacks and protect against new phishing attack techniques. Incorporated into IBM Trusteer Rapport®, this new capability can automatically block users from accessing phishing sites at a speed and scale like never before, protecting users within minutes of detection. By analyzing data from hundreds of millions of endpoints, IBM Trusteer’s phishing detection automatically assesses and rapidly adapts to new threats. It is a huge leap forward in the speed, accuracy, and volume of phishing detection.

Cognitive phishing capabilities are designed to

Increase speed to detection

Provide users protection within minutes compared to hours with anti-phishing takedown services

Improve end-user protection

Transparent protection automatically blocks users from phishing sites and redirects them to the legitimate financial site

Increase detection capabilities

Machine learning provides increased scalability to analyze more URLs than humanly possible and detect advanced phishing attacks

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IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect

Helps detect fraud while helping significantly reduce false positives

IBM Trusteer Rapport

Helps prevent malware and phishing attacks that are the root cause of most financial fraud

IBM Trusteer Mobile SDK

Provides a dedicated security library for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms

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Outthinking fraudsters with cognitive fraud detection

Behavioral biometrics provide identity analytics that help improve detection

Introducing IBM Trusteer behavioral biometrics

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect now incorporates behavioral biometrics capabilities

Catch fraud with cognitive detection

What can behavioral biometric patterns reveal?