Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group evaluates IBM Decision Optimization

Why decision optimization?

IBM Decision Optimization represents a family of optimization software that delivers prescriptive analytics capabilities to enable organizations to make better decisions and deliver improved business outcomes.

See how decision optimization technology is delivering significant ROI across industries:

Decision optimization products

IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio

Accelerate optimization modeling using an integrated development environment, powerful optimization solvers and support for multiple optimization modeling approaches.

IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio

Combine optimization and machine learning within a unified environment — IBM Watson® Studio — that enables AI-infused optimization modeling capabilities.

IBM Decision Optimization Center

Build and deploy end-to-end decision-support applications using a graphical user interface, collaboration tools, what-if analysis, application data model support and flexible deployment architecture options.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer for IBM z/OS

Leverage the CPLEX Optimizer engine on IBM z/OS® to solve mathematical programming models such as MIP/MIQCP with C and C++ API for modeling. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data is a flexible multicloud data platform that lets you simplify and automate how you collect, organize, analyze and govern data to drive innovation with AI.  IBM Decision Optimization is included in Watson Studio Premium.

Optimization solutions for your industry


Simplify complex decisions with decision intelligence software for precise and timely delivery of financial services

Travel and transportation

More accurately prepare for unforeseen circumstances; create route models to shorten overall travel time and improve the customer experience.


Minimize uncertainty when you need to meet constantly changing production conditions; optimize outcomes using decision analytics.


Streamline product assortment planning, warehouse replenishment, pricing and promotions with decision intelligence.


Reduce costs using prescriptive techniques to evaluate millions of “what-if” scenarios to assess impact; help make the best decisions for patients.

Energy and utilities

Act to eliminate penalties and drive better business outcomes with smart grid utilization; use predictive analytics and machine-learning techniques to improve resource planning and scheduling.

Client success stories

3 – 10 times lower cost processing for end-to-end transactions

Millions of dollars saved annually by eliminating miles of unnecessary driving

Reduced time to create tailored portfolios, from days to minutes, with 30% lower risks

Accelerated inventory, movement, reduced labor costs and increased revenues

Reduced operational costs and improved performance on service-level metrics

30 – 40% faster processing times to enable more simulations


Solution brief

Capitalize on decision optimization capabilities within IBM Watson Studio.

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Solution brief

Discover why ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio is the best choice for making decisions.

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Explore how you can build and deploy machine learning and optimization models using Watson Studio.