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Build smarter with IBM Watson Health: Opportunities for Business Partners


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Executive summary: Accelerate your healthcare and life sciences innovations with IBM Watson Health

Healthcare technology is going through a tremendous transformation. Researchers, inventors and innovators (and the healthcare providers that they serve) are quickly moving towards cloud native, AI-enabled solutions. They have unprecedented access to large volumes and varieties of health data, both structured and unstructured. If your organization is focused on this market, you can more quickly realize results by tapping into IT leaders like IBM® Watson Health® to help you access capabilities and resources that may be outside of your core competency.

Finding the right partner is vital. If you want to get to market faster than your competitors, with even better products that exceed your customers’ expectations, then you will find value in adopting technologies that can accelerate your research and development. Working with an established, reputable technology solutions vendor can help you to commercialize your healthcare innovation more successfully.

Data analytics, AI and hybrid cloud can help you address pressing health challenges for your clients and end-users.

This is especially true in areas of high growth and innovation, such as life sciences, clinical development, diagnostic imaging and clinical decision support. As an innovator, you must focus precious resources on creating your unique value and intellectual property. To do your best work, look for an IT partner that has experience in supporting your core products and services, and who are as committed to smarter healthcare as you are. They can work with you to augment your core capabilities and provide essential infrastructure.

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IBM Watson Health is such a partner.

We can help you to break into new markets, build new business models and grow new revenue streams. IBM Watson Health collaborates with innovators and entrepreneurs from health technology companies to support the development and delivery of their newest innovations for smarter health. Working with each organization’s unique teams and skillsets, IBM engages specialists in healthcare, cloud, security and AI. By offering market-leading, enterprise-grade technologies, IBM ensures that its business partners can focus on innovating, collaborating and co-creating and help you bring meaningful solutions to market.

IBM demonstrates its long-standing commitment to partner ecosystems through our leadership in open-source technologies, the award-winning IBM PartnerWorld and Developer programs, and extensive investments in industry and technical standards.


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Trending: Partnerships and collaborations between medtech and IT
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Industry experts at Frost & Sullivan identify an important and growing trend in the health technology space, especially in medical imaging: Stakeholders are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to extend their services and add value to the solutions they offer to their customers. But they don’t have to be experts in AI to achieve this.

Find out more about these trends, the emerging requirements and the challenges in meeting them. What should health innovators look for when considering an IT partner to help tackle the technology needs?


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Accelerate life sciences research with data management tools from medical imaging
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Life sciences companies searching for the next breakthrough treatment or medical device rely on massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. And the volume of that data is growing. They need proven tools to help them manage the data, share it, collaborate on it, gain insights from it and then act on it. Enterprise imaging archives can ensure long-term availability and provide a platform to support AI. Powerful tools from IBM Watson Health help your organization use imaging in custom ways to accelerate research.

Tools from Watson Health to help you innovate:

data connect
AI for diagnostic imaging and smarter workflows
Enterprise viewing via next generation zero footprint viewer and intelligent vendor-neutral archives (VNA)
(IBM iConnect® Enterprise Archive and IBM iConnect® Access)
cloud connected
Enterprise image management on-premises or in the cloud
Platform and developer toolkits: Merge DICOM and Merge HL7 toolkits
file search
Health data: 30+ years of claims-related healthcare data from IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases


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Developers can make meaningful changes in health with the right tools for better AI applications
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The development process for an AI algorithm is intensive, whether you’re using deep learning, machine learning (ML) or other techniques. As a developer, you have the experience to manage the myriad of practical considerations for programming, testing and commercializing of your ideas. You don’t have to do every step alone.

Work with an experienced team to develop commercially ready health AI using the proven imaging products from IBM Watson Health. Our specialists will work alongside you to help build better and smarter by leveraging:


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Learn how two IBM Business Partners embarked on co-development projects for new market opportunities
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IBM Watson Health and Guerbet partnership

First example: To realize its goal of using artificial intelligence (AI) to help grow their services in the expansive field of cancer diagnosis, Guerbet, a French producer of imaging contrast agents, chose to partner with IBM Watson Health.

Together, the teams of IBM Watson Health and Guerbet are pursuing a two-pronged partnership strategy:

  • Resell IBM Watson Patient Synopsis as an AI solution for radiologists. Using natural language processing (NLP), this radiologist-trained tool mines patient records to present relevant diagnostic health information where the clinician needs it most. This offering adds to the value which Guerbet already delivers to its clients.
  • Collaborate and co-develop in a second multi-year project, to build a new AI-based solution that aims to give radiologists more confidence in cancer diagnoses. Again, by joining forces, IBM Watson Health and Guerbet together can better meet the needs of radiologists.

Find out more:

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IBM Watson Health and Ricoh USA, Inc. partnership

Second example: Ricoh USA, Inc., was looking for a way to bring innovation and value in 3D printing to healthcare providers.

  • Combining the strengths of IBM Watson Health in transforming data into actionable insights and Ricoh’s expertise in industrial additive manufacturing, the companies are developing a turnkey, end-to-end solution for creating 3D printed anatomic models, leveraging IBM® iConnect Access™ for interacive segmentation. The goal of this collaboration is to make 3D technology more widely accessible to healthcare providers, while also helping to streamline and simplify the process of creating 3D printed anatomic models for educational use.

Find out more:


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Reimagine your strategy: Leverage IBM health tech investments so you can quickly develop relevant solutions

For medical and health technology companies to continue to expand their value for all their stakeholders, they need to add data insights to their offerings, according to a 2021 Frost & Sullivan report. Those insights are where both the current and future growth opportunities lie. Success in such ventures requires a capable IT partner, they write.

In the final recommendations, they suggest that health tech innovators should look for a technology partner who can deliver:

  • Valuable insights from data and analytics
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Strong security and protection of patient data
  • Deep and diverse data based on global health records
  • Strong data curation capabilities to normalize data
  • Data management competencies, including cloud storage and compute platforms
  • Experience navigating regulatory frameworks
  • Skills in deploying widely, providing flexible access and integrating with clinical applications
  • Demonstrated expertise in commercializing new innovations and go-to-market capabilities
  • Geographic reach (for example, with marketing, sales, support) into markets where the innovation is targeted

For details on how to get started, take some time to explore the IBM Business Partner programs.