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Learn why companies and institutions are partnering with IBM for quantum computing innovation.

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A Boeing Jetliner

JSR x IBM Quantum

Reshaping the global semiconductor industryIBM and JSR chart a new future for the global semiconductor industry, with quantum computing solutions to hard chemical engineering problems.Watch the case studyRead the story

Daimler-Benz x IBM Quantum

Crafting the future of electric vehiclesDaimler envisions a new generation of electric vehicles through battery technology.Watch the case studyRead the story

ExxonMobil x IBM Quantum

Taming the monster of maritime logisticsExxonMobil strives to move the world’s cleanest-burning fuel across the globe. This is a puzzle that demands a quantum solution.Watch the case studyRead the story

CERN x IBM Quantum

The quest to understand what sews the universe togetherCERN is searching for Higgs events and the origins of the universe.Watch the case studyRead the story

Mitsubishi Chemical, JSR, Keio University x IBM Quantum

Redefining luminescenceIBM partners with JSR, Mitsubishi Chemical, and Keio University to explore new forms of light-emitting materials with quantum computing.Read the story

Mitsubishi Chemical x IBM Quantum

In quantum pursuit of game-changing power sourcesMitsubishi Chemical is applying quantum computing to help develop lithium oxygen batteries with greater energy density.Read the story
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The Quantum Decade

Quantum technology is developing faster than even we imagined a few years ago. Now it is poised to meaningfully impact industry, science, and society within a few short years. Are you ready?

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