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Qiskit SDK v1.1.1


Qiskit is the world’s most popular software stack for quantum computing, with over 2,000 forks, over 8,000 contributions, and over 3 trillion circuits run.

Our most performant Qiskit SDK version yet

Qiskit SDK v1.1 is a new release of Qiskit for the future of quantum computing. This release offers the reliability, features, and performance needed to do productive work on quantum computers.

Chart showing Qiskit runtime speed improvements across different versions

Powerful tools and services for utility-scale workloads

The open-source Qiskit SDK provides tools for mapping problems to quantum circuits and preparing for execution. Qiskit also provides services to run, optimize, and orchestrate quantum workloads.

Qiskit offers a simplified quantum workflow

Qiskit makes it easier to get started in quantum computing. It does so through Qiskit patterns: intuitive, repeatable sets of steps for quantum workflows. These patterns are modular, and can be combined in different ways to achieve different goals.

Qiskit is software for real work on utility-scale quantum computers

Qiskit is built for powerful executions on IBM quantum computers. It also supports hardware from third-party providers.

Quantum computer render

Use Qiskit to discover new quantum algorithms

Explore utility-grade executions and applications in fields with strong potential for near-term quantum applications.

Join a growing, global open-source community

The Qiskit ecosystem

Qiskit is a versatile development platform, easily extensible with a large ecosystem of community-built libraries and plugins. Users rely on its capabilities to push the boundaries of practical quantum computing.

Events and Qiskit advocates

Attend an event to connect with others and build your quantum skills. Become a Qiskit advocate to network with enthusiasts and experts, grow the Qiskit community in your area, and attend global events created for the quantum computing community.

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History of Qiskit

Qiskit arrived in 2017 as a novel, open-source framework to program quantum computers. Today it anchors a vibrant open-source community of 550,000+ users responsible for 2,800+ research papers.

Cover image of the History of Qiskit

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