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Charting the path to quantum utility at Qiskit Global Summer School 2024

Whether you’re a quantum novice or a Qiskit expert, this year’s Qiskit Global Summer School virtual event will give you the tools you need to begin running utility-scale quantum experiments that push the limits of computation.

10 Jun 2024

Olivia Lanes

Aaliyah Fowler

Robert Davis

2024 Qiskit Global Summer School: The Path to Utility

July 15 - July 26, 2024

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The advent of utility-scale quantum hardware has shown the world that the latest quantum computers are capable of solving problems beyond the reach of brute force classical computation. Researchers can now use these powerful tools to hunt for interesting use cases where quantum methods are faster, cheaper, or more accurate than all classical methods — the long sought milestone we call quantum advantage.

But to begin that search in earnest, we need quantum software capable of harnessing the full potential of utility-scale hardware. More than that, we need a community of researchers, developers, and quantum computational scientists who know how to use that software. That’s why we’re excited to launch our 2024 Qiskit Global Summer School: The Path to Utility. The event will center on helping participants master the many new capabilities introduced with the recent release of the Qiskit SDK’s first major version, and on teaching participants everything they need to scale their experiments to large quantum processors.

This year’s Qiskit Global Summer School will feature ten online lectures delivered by various IBM Quantum experts, as well as nine live Q&A sessions hosted by IBM Quantum education leads John Watrous and Olivia Lanes. As always, the intensive, two-week-long program will start by giving students a thorough overview of foundational quantum computing topics — with this year’s curriculum emphasizing quantum software as opposed to quantum hardware — before moving on to more advanced material. This format allows both quantum novices and experienced Qiskit users alike to benefit from the summer school program.

Week 1 lectures will give students a detailed overview of Qiskit SDK v1.x, while the week 2 curriculum will consist of deep dives into three application areas. Along the way, students will have the opportunity to complete four labs on topics like quantum circuit transpilation, noise-model building, and more. The event will conclude, as is tradition, with a panel discussion in which a group of IBM experts will field questions on any and all quantum-related topics.

Just as in previous years, the 2024 Qiskit Global Summer School will continue to provide students with an array of useful tools and resources to enhance their learning experience. This includes the ability to chat live with course instructors during lectures and Q&A sessions, and access to a dedicated Discord server where students can meet, collaborate, and get help solving problems.

Register for the Qiskit Global Summer School 2024 here.

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