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Quantum computers are scaling rapidly. Soon, they will be powerful enough to solve previously unsolvable problems. But they come with a global challenge: quantum computers will be able to break some of the most widely-used security protocols in the world.

“Harvest now, decrypt later” attacks could enable adversaries to steal encrypted files and store them until more advanced quantum computers emerge. All data – past, present, and future – that is not protected using quantum-safe security is now a liability.

Governments and enterprises are rushing to form a quantum-safe strategy to protect critical data from quantum attack. Today, our IBM Quantum Safe roadmap helps organizations navigate this complex landscape by equipping them to track their quantum-safe milestones and achieve them using IBM technology, services, and infrastructure.

IBM Quantum Safe Roadmap


IBM Quantum Safe technology

IBM Quantum Safe technology is a comprehensive set of tools, capabilities, and approaches for securing your enterprise for the quantum future. Use IBM Quantum Safe technology to replace obsolete cryptography and maintain ongoing visibility and control over your entire cybersecurity posture.

IBM Quantum Safe Explorer

Scan source and object code to locate cryptographic assets, dependencies, and vulnerabilities. Build a cryptography bill of materials (CBOM).

IBM Quantum Safe Advisor

Create a dynamic cryptographic inventory to guide remediation. Analyze cryptographic posture and compliance to prioritize risks.

IBM Quantum Safe Remediator

Learn and apply quantum-safe remediation patterns in a development environment. Prepare to deploy quantum-safe solutions to your stack.

Client case study

Vodafone and IBM Quantum Safe

IBM and Vodafone have partnered to secure telecom for the quantum computing era.


Your end-to-end journey to quantum safe

IBM Quantum Safe technical services prepare complex enterprises and networks for the shift to quantum-safe cryptography. Powered by IBM Quantum Safe technology, our three-stage process for securing clients’ data and infrastructure enables organizations to build the practices, tools, and architecture they need to upgrade their cybersecurity with agility.

Prioritize sensitive security issues using tools that identify exposure, business risks, and modernization opportunities. Conduct deeper scans of source and object code to identify root causes. Build a cryptography bill of materials (CBOM) — an inventory of all cryptographic algorithms, protocols, and libraries in use, as well as their dependencies.

Taking advantage of your CBOM and IBM software tools, maintain continuous auditing and compliance validation across your entire network. Stay informed as new standards and vulnerabilities emerge and address them as needed.

Following your roadmap and using IBM software tools, swap existing cryptography for quantum-safe cryptography. Explore various remediation patterns to determine which quantum-safe implementations will best address your organization’s needs.


Modernize your cryptography posture with IBM

IBM offers products, technologies, and solutions to prepare your entire stack for quantum threats, and modernize your cybersecurity.

Prepare your roadmap against quantum risk

Get ready to secure your applications, data, and digital ecosystem. Inventory, prioritize by risk, and identify the best cryptography schemes to secure your data and your business for the quantum future.

Secure your infrastructure

Compute on hybrid cloud infrastructure that protects your data against quantum risk. Guard data in transit against “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks.

Achieve cryptographic agility

Gain new understanding and visibility across your business’s entire cybersecurity landscape. Use IBM tools to track vulnerabilities as they emerge and streamline remediation.



Future-ready your applications and data today with IBM z16, the industry-first quantum-safe computing platform with on-chip AI inferencing.

IBM Cloud

IBM® Key Protect for IBM Cloud® has quantum-safe TLS modes to protect your data while in transit.

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