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quantum safe

Secure your enterprise for the quantum era

Quantum computers are scaling rapidly. Soon, they will be powerful enough to solve previously unsolvable problems. This opportunity comes with a global challenge: quantum computers will be able to break some of the most widely-used security protocols in the world.

“Harvest now, decrypt later” attacks could enable adversaries to steal encrypted files and store them until more advanced quantum computers emerge. All data — past, present, and future — that is not protected using quantum-safe security is now a liability.

Quantum-safe software solutions

IBM Quantum Safe™ technology is a comprehensive set of tools, capabilities, and approaches for securing your enterprise for the quantum future. Use IBM Quantum Safe technology to replace at-risk cryptography and maintain ongoing visibility and control over your entire cybersecurity posture.

IBM Quantum Safe Explorer

Scan applications to discover cryptographic artifacts and vulnerabilities. Create various cryptographic inventory reports, including a Cryptography Bill of Materials (CBOM).

IBM Quantum Safe Advisor

Create a dynamic cryptographic inventory to guide remediation. Observe and analyze cryptographic posture and compliance to prioritize risks.

Quantum Safe Advisor visualization

IBM Quantum Safe Remediator

Learn and apply best practices for quantum-safe remediation patterns. Build crypto-agility through automated and human-assisted solutions as you transform your cryptography.

Quantum Safe Remediator visualization

Build on quantum-safe infrastructure

IBM z16™
IBM z16 is the industry’s first quantum-safe system. Prepare your infrastructure for the quantum future with quantum-safe encryption for data in transit and at rest, as well as quantum-safe secure boot technology. Modernize your applications with cryptographic discovery capabilities and hybrid cryptographic solutions.
IBM Cloud®
IBM Cloud enables you to compute on hybrid cloud infrastructure that future-proofs your data for the quantum era. Use quantum-safe TLS mode for IBM Cloud Key Protect to protect your data in transit. Enhance your key control with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services, which provides quantum-safe digital signing.

Your roadmap to quantum-safe readiness

Governments and enterprises are rushing to form a quantum-safe strategy to protect critical data from quantum attack. Our IBM Quantum Safe roadmap equips organizations to track and meet their quantum-safe milestones using IBM technology, services, and infrastructure.
A preview of the IBM Quantum Safe roadmap

Case studies

Discover why enterprises and government agencies are partnering with IBM to plan and execute their transition to post-quantum cryptography.

IBM Quantum Safe x Vodafone

IBM and Vodafone have partnered to secure telecom for the quantum computing era

Watch the video

Preview of the Vodafone panel talk

Learn the basics of quantum-safe cryptography

Build proficiency in quantum-safe cryptography with free hands-on labs and interactive lessons.

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