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      Summer School (1).jpg
      Qiskit Global Summer School
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      Fall Fest.jpg
      Participate in Qiskit Fall Fest 2024
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      Quantum Seminar: Quantum computing and networking with alkali a ...
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      Quantum Science Gordon Research Conference (GRC): Many-Body Qua ...
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      Community Call.jpg
      Qiskit Community Call
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      Community Call.jpg
      Qiskit Community Call
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      AQIS 2024
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      Connect with Qiskit advocates around the world

      The Qiskit advocate program is a global program that provides support to the individuals who actively contribute to the Qiskit community. Become an advocate to network with enthusiasts and experts, gain access to Qiskit core members and projects, and attend global events created for the quantum computing community.

      Applications open mid-2024.

      Qiskit advocates


      Countries represented

      Qiskit advocates represented on a dotted map of the world
      Photo of Abbas Hassasfar
      Abbas Hassasfar
      Photo of Abeer Vaishnav
      Abeer Vaishnav
      Photo of Abha Satyavan Naik
      Abha Satyavan Naik
      Photo of Abhay Kamble
      Abhay Kamble
      Photo of Abhijit Mitra
      Abhijit Mitra
      Photo of Abhiprada Bera
      Abhiprada Bera
      Photo of Abhishek Jayachandran
      Abhishek Jayachandran
      Photo of Aboulkhair Foda
      Aboulkhair Foda
      Photo of Adarsh Chandrashekar
      Adarsh Chandrashekar
      Photo of Adittya Patil
      Adittya Patil
      Photo of Adrien Suau
      Adrien Suau
      Photo of Ahmad, Syed Farhan
      Ahmad, Syed Farhan
      Photo of Akash Malemath
      Akash Malemath
      Qiskit logo
      Akash Reddy
      Photo of Alain Chancé
      Alain Chancé
      Photo of Alberto Maldonado Romo
      Alberto Maldonado Romo
      Photo of Alejandro Gómez Cadavid
      Alejandro Gómez Cadavid
      Photo of Alejandro Montanez
      Alejandro Montanez
      Photo of Alessandro Berti
      Alessandro Berti
      Photo of Alfaxad Eyembe
      Alfaxad Eyembe