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Register to host an event at Qiskit Fall Fest 2024!

Sign up for one of the informational sessions taking place on August 15 and August 16 to get a chance at hosting your very own Qiskit Fall Fest event.

3 Jul 2024

Daniella Garcia Almeida

Robert Davis

Key dates for prospective event hosts:

August 7:
Deadline to sign up for event host informational sessions and Qiskit Fall Fest mailing list

August 15:
Informational session

August 16:
Informational session

August 22:
Deadline for event host applications

August 27:
Application decisions to be announced

September 3:
Qiskit Fall Fest 2024 event lineup to be announced to the public

Qiskit Fall Fest events take place

Since 2021, the Qiskit Fall Fest has brought together quantum enthusiasts of all backgrounds and experience levels for a worldwide celebration of quantum technology, research, and collaboration. Spearheaded primarily by student leaders and taking place on university campuses all around the globe, Qiskit Fall Fest gives participants a unique opportunity to engage with the Qiskit community and even get hands-on experience with real quantum computers. Now, the event series is gearing up to return for its fourth annual installment, which will kick off in October.

Qiskit Fall Fest is a collection of quantum computing events that invites students, researchers and industry professionals around the world to participate in a wide array of quantum-themed activities, ranging from quantum challenges, hackathons, and coding competitions to workshops, social events, and more. With each Qiskit Fall Fest, we partner with a select group of university students and other volunteer hosts to help them plan and run the global roster of Fall Fest events. This year's event theme, World of Quantum, celebrates the international scope of the event series and the rapid growth of the global quantum community.

Last year’s Qiskit Fall Fest engaged over 4,000 participants with the help of 95 event hosts all working alongside IBM Quantum™ to grow their local quantum communities. We hope to see even more participants in 2024!

How to get involved

We’re looking for volunteers located all around the world to host their very own events as part of the Qiskit Fall Fest lineup. Anyone who has a passion for quantum computing is eligible to host a Fall Fest event. (See the next section of this post for more details on host eligibility.)

Interested in joining the fun? Click this link to register for one of the Qiskit Fall Fest informational sessions we’ll be holding this summer for prospective event hosts.

The informational sessions will take place on Thursday, August 15 and Friday, August 16, and will give prospective event hosts valuable insights into the requirements and time commitment involved with running a Qiskit Fall Fest event.

If you’d like to participate in Qiskit Fall Fest but don’t plan on hosting an event, you can also use the same registration link to sign up for the Qiskit Fall Fest mailing list, which will keep you up-to-date with all the latest details on this year’s events.

Please submit all registrations for the Qiskit Fall Fest informational sessions and/or mailing list by Wednesday, August 7.

After the informational sessions, prospective event hosts will submit applications detailing their background and expertise in quantum computing. Applications will be due the week after the information sessions, and decisions will be announced the week after that. Be sure to check the sidebar at the top of this page for all key dates.

The full roster of Qiskit Fall Fest 2024 events will be announced to the public in early September, and the events themselves will take place in October and November.

Who can host a Fall Fest event?

Most Qiskit Fall Fest events take place on university campuses and are led by university students — though there are certainly some exceptions. We’ve intentionally put students at the forefront of the Qiskit Fall Fest event series since its initial launch in 2021. That’s because we believe the student leaders of today will be the quantum industry leaders of tomorrow. With the Qiskit Fall Fest, we aim to give students an opportunity to put their leadership skills to the test and help grow the quantum community using resources and guidance from IBM®.

At the same time, anyone can participate in and even host a Qiskit Fall Fest event. Don’t have access to a university campus? No problem! In the past, we’ve had high school students, recent graduates, and even industry professionals host events that take place virtually and in other appropriate settings. Just be sure to register for the informational sessions by August 7 and submit your idea for an event by August 22. If it’s a fit, we’ll work with you to bring it to life. (Please note: Only those who attend one of the informational sessions will receive access to the event host application.)

Click here to register for the mailing list and informational sessions.

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