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Quantum computing technologies

Qiskit SDK
Qiskit SDK
Qiskit docs

Qiskit SDK is the toolkit for useful quantum computing. It’s designed for performance and stability, with easy-to-use documentation and interoperable capabilities.

Qiskit Runtime
Qiskit Runtime
API reference

Qiskit Runtime is an execution environment optimized to run quantum circuits at scale with near time error mitigation.


IBM® quantum processing units are modular and extensible, to optimize for required resources and connect multiple systems for greater compute power.

Middleware docs

Middleware for quantum provides a suite of tools to help users optimize workloads across classical and quantum resources.

Our roadmap to advance useful quantum computing

In 2023 we demonstrated quantum utility. Quantum computers are now better at quantum computing than classical computers. That means we can use them today to explore applications with business value for our users. Our newly-extended roadmap shows how we aim to make quantum computers more useful in the coming years, as we work toward quantum-centric supercomputing.

Until this year, our path was scaling the number of qubits. Going forward we will add a new metric, gate operations—a measure of the workloads our systems can run. As we progress, users will be able to run larger and larger workloads on our systems.

Our roadmap now has two sections to track this complex mission. The development roadmap details major releases. The innovation roadmap details the technology milestones required to deliver them. Learn more with our guided roadmap explainer below.
The IBM Quantum development roadmap from 2016 - 2033+

Scaling quantum computing

Image of Quantum Production Heron - Perspective Layers


Circuits run on our quantum computers


Utility-scale quantum computers worldwide


Qubits on the Heron chip, built for real-time classical communication between processors


Papers leveraging Qiskit® and IBM® quantum services

IBM quantum data centers provide access to quantum computers for our clients worldwide. Today, our New York data center houses the bulk of our global fleet.

In 2024, IBM will complete a new EU quantum data center in Ehningen, Germany, bringing local quantum resources to Europe.

Heavy-hex processor architectures offer scalability and reduced error rates.
IBM Quantum System One™ installed at Cleveland Clinic. Read the blog

IBM Quantum System Two™ is the building block of quantum-centric supercomputing

Play the video

Image of the IBM System Two

IBM Quantum Safe

IBM Quantum Safe technology is a comprehensive set of tools, capabilities, and approaches that secures your enterprise for the quantum future. Clients expect security. Get ready for the quantum era.