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Hand off tedious tasks to a personal digital worker you can set up in minutes, and never work the same way again
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The list. The bottomless one you make every day full of frustrating, repetitive tasks. What if you could clear it and get work done faster?  It’s possible, with IBM Watson Orchestrate™, a 2022 CES Innovation Award Honoree, featuring groundbreaking technology designed to free you to up to pursue more “want-to-dos.”

Meet digey, your own personal digital employee.

What could you do if there were more of you? 15 minutes

Add a little more time to your lunch break.


3 afternoons

Regain that Friday catch-up time.

1 dog walk

Squeeze in another stroll with your pup.

Work, reimagined
New ways Let’s work smarter Digital labor is an extension of you, helping you catch up on your workload, so you can focus on what matters. Like collaborating more, and rediscovering the social connections many of us have lost. Your digey offers a smarter path to productivity and results. This is more than just a chatbot. It’s the future of work.
Let’s put digey to work
Skills All you have to do is ask Simply chat with your digey, and it does the rest. It draws from a catalog of basic and advanced skills to execute on your requests — in context and in the right order. And your digey remembers actions, like who to send the sales quote you were working on to, so you get results more quickly. No specialized training needed either. Get started in minutes using pre-built skills designed for you and your needs. IT doesn’t even have to get involved. (Unless they want to, of course.) See skills catalog

Integrations Use your tools in a single interface Stop the frustration of screen switching. Connect your various tools to Watson Orchestrate using your login credentials and let your digey work seamlessly across Salesforce, Workday, Outlook, Gmail and other tools to accomplish tasks in a simple, no-code interface. See integrations

Security Personalized and protected Confidentiality is key. The data your digey will access to deliver results for you is protected by the industry standard for verification, two-factor authentication. So you can trust that what happens behind the scenes, behind a firewall, stays there.

Transforming your work

Use case

Human resources

Between “The Great Resignation,” a crushing skills shortage, and the growing complexity of data analysis tools, talent acquisition can be challenging. Give your people the tools they need to find candidates faster, so they can put the “human” back in human resources.

Use case

Digital worker

Do more than expected with help from Watson Orchestrate. With your digey, you can leave the busywork behind — rescheduling meetings, tracking key events, emailing everyone on a list — get on with the work you love doing most.

See digey in action
IBM® transforms job promotions Watson Orchestrate is helping to improve the quality of work for IBM human resources and, potentially, businesses everywhere. Read the story
We see immense potential to transform HR through our technology partnership with IBM. The team has been very helpful, closely collaborating to drive added value to our customers. Angela Hood CEO ThisWay® Global
Let’s work together IBM Watson Orchestrate is helping build the workforce of tomorrow, with artificial intelligence at its core. Sign up for the IBM Watson Orchestrate Partner Program to join us on this journey. Sign up today
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