If your competition is improving faster than you, your hospital may go on life support.

Feature spotlights

Why use a balanced scorecard?

Balanced scorecards are designed to evaluate management performance. The 100 Top Hospitals program uses a balanced scorecard encompassing clinical, operational, financial and patient perception of care measures, to define and measure overall performance in health systems and hospitals. This approach allows leaders of both non-winning and winning organizations see precisely how you compare to peers and to competitors. This is an excellent place to begin growth planning.

Do objective data and relevant measures matter?

Using MedPAR and other CMS data, your stakeholders can be sure that 100 Top reporting is complete (for the Medicare population) and consistent across sites. And MedPAR data has been used in hundreds of peer reviewed studies. Together, this means you can discuss results and not the reliability of the data.

Measures used for 100 Top reporting are well-established across the industry, many defined by CMS. This means easier acceptance since your organization is probably using many of them already.

How do winners use the 100 Top studies?

Leaders of hospitals that achieve the top spots in our studies are pleased at the win, and purposeful about using data to continue to improve performance at every level in their hospital or health. Don't just take our word for this - please listen to leaders of 2018 winners talk about what winning means to them and to their organization.

Can I get customized or competitor reports?

You can select health systems or individual hospitals that you consider to be your competition to create your customized competitor report. The measures are the same as your own report, but now you can see how your performance compares to your competitors. This kind of information is essential for strategic planning as well as identifying and prioritizing performance improvement initiatives.

Executive Summary: 100 Top Hospitals 2019 study

Is the 100 Top Hospitals study relevant to your organization? Dive into the metrics and methodologies to understand how the study can help you:
- compare your trends to competitors
- determine and prioritize your opportunities for improvement
- bring stakeholders onboard
- find your value proposition - for community, clinicians, employees and affiliates

How customers use it

  • Achieve alignment for a consistent experience


    The promise of a health system is consistent experience for staff and patients across sites, but you need consistent data and analyses to identify alignment problems. Staff variation and IT customization lead to inconsistent data and analyses.


    With objective data and a single source and process for analytics, the 100 Top Hospitals program offers the consistency you need to identify performance variation - across hospitals or from the 100 Top national benchmark. And our experts can help!

  • Are you improving fast enough?


    The healthcare industry is on a permanent mission to improve, and each hospital intends to be the best. But you need a way to know if you are improving as fast as the overall industry - or even the hospital across town.


    Our visualization of your 5-year performance trend compared to your peer group of health systems or hospitals shows exactly how you're doing compared to the industry. On pace, improving faster, falling behind - it's right there in your custom report.

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