How can IBM Study Advance help clinical development?

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Recruitment challenges and protocol amendments can lead to study delays and failures. These can often be traced back to the protocol design stage.  Poorly conceived protocols can create problems at the study level, the program level and across the full development and commercialization lifecycle. 

IBM Study Advance can help overcome these problems. It’s built to optimize the protocol development process by providing the power of data insights to make informed decisions and a collaboration platform to improve efficiency. IBM Study Advance helps you build study protocols that facilitate an effective and efficient clinical trial.

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Potential Benefits

Make study design decisions with confidence

Inform study design decisions with AI and easy access to IBM MarketScan® research databases

Facilitate team collaboration

Increase efficiency, productivity and transparency during the protocol development process

Limit potential challenges in patient recruitment

Understand the impact of trial criteria on the eligible patient population

Key features of IBM Study Advance

  • Easy access to real-world data to inform study design
  • Utilize AI assisted medical concept identification to simplify cohort build
  • Search to inform protocol design decisions
  • Facilitate authoring team collaboration
  • Access standard protocol templates
  • Facilitate workflow from synopsis to internal approvals
  • Version control and audit trail capabilities with complete traceability for changes
  • Visibility into rationale for decisions made throughout the protocol
  • Simplify team management

Resources to help you succeed

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