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Case studies

Creating a better buying experience

Person opening a delivery box

Creating a better buying experience

Global fashion brand Max Mara needed to upgrade its order fulfillment process to meet a boom in online shopping.

Transforming customer and employee experiences

Person sitting in home office paying online with credit card and smartphone

Transforming customer and employee experiences

Italian bank Credem reduced costs and increased efficiency in its critical back office and customer-service processes by scaling automation.

Articles and blogs

What is process mining?

Process mining applies data science algorithms to event logs to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

What is task mining?

Task mining uses desktop interaction data to understand steps involved in an activity within a larger process to analyze how people get their work done.

Why use process mining?

Process mining can provide value and be applied to different industries and use cases.

The Art of Automation

Process mining provides tools and methodologies needed to unlock data to show how processes work, how people do their job and where problems originate.

What’s the difference?

Process mining, process modeling and process mapping are distinct, but related, methods of visualizing and analyzing business processes.


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