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Breaking the silo between process optimization and automation with IBM Process Mining and Process Applications.

In today’s competitive business landscape, the ability to optimize internal and external business processes is critical for organizations that want to focus their teams on higher-value tasks, freeing up the time and ability necessary to drive an improved end experience for their customers and consumers. By tapping into the power of intelligent automation solutions, companies can automate many manual processes that can slow down the day-to-day crunch of meeting business objectives and goals. Designed to help reduce costs and improve productivity, process optimization tools can enable businesses to bolster their consumer’s end experience by quickly identifying where problems are and which areas of the organization are ripe for automation, all while ultimately helping meet revenue objectives.

However, the process of optimizing operations is not always straightforward, with many companies struggling to achieve meaningful results. In fact, according to a recent Forrester study commissioned by IBM, 53% of global process decision-makers surveyed believe that poor integration between process improvement and automation efforts is an obstacle they face in achieving success when optimizing business operations. Similarly, 73% of respondents believe that too many of their companies’ critical processes still depend on manual handoffs for execution. Additionally, 78% of respondents also share that identifying and automating critical processes quickly is key to success.

For this reason, we believe businesses must embrace technological innovation—such as intelligent automation solutions—to take a strategic approach to process optimization. This requires a thorough understanding of the company’s operations and the processes that drive them. Once these areas have been identified, a strategic plan can be developed to address them.

That is why IBM is committed to helping organizations improve and re-engineer their internal workflows, and how they process information.

Leveraging IBM Process Mining—an intelligent automation solution that helps discover, monitor and optimize business processes—clients can onboard and realize value quickly while tackling process inefficiencies and bottlenecks to help reduce time and costs. IBM Process Mining allows organizations to help monitor KPIs and trigger precise, corrective actions when operations stray outside pre-defined thresholds. Additionally, insights provided by IBM Process Mining can be used to create robotic process automations (RPA) designed to help speed up development time while enabling you to scale automation across the enterprise.

IBM Process Mining in practice: BBVA Argentina

BBVA Argentina, the oldest private bank in Argentina, turned to IBM to help optimize its foreign trade operations amid fast-changing regulations.

By using IBM Process Mining, BBVA was able to increase team productivity and improve workload distribution while still elevating customer service. IBM Process Mining helped optimize the bank’s process within a couple of days and reduce the transactions’ process time by more than 70%. Additionally, they experienced a 20% boost in productivity when processing foreign trade transactions and addressing regulatory requirements.

“With what’s happening in the economy and having the capacity to keep up with all the changes, IBM Process Mining was essential for our clients and us in a context where the acquisition and the currency rate change every day. We can analyze processes faster than ever before.” — Leonardo Rojas, Head of Operations, BBVA Argentina

By combining IBM Process Mining and IBM Consulting to help organizations accelerate process improvement and automation initiatives across various operating systems, IBM and IBM Consulting have collaborated to release Process Applications.

What is Process Applications?

New to the IBM Process Mining offering, Process Applications includes prebuilt, easy-to-install solutions to help clients accelerate their process improvement journey and reveal and address inefficiencies quickly, enabling more insight into their organization’s operations. Process Applications for IBM Process Mining will now offer clients a flexible toolkit that can be tailored to the unique needs of its internal users.

Process Applications is designed to help organizations fill the gap between process improvement and automation efforts by applying data and operational intelligence to optimize business operations, all while gaining insights into their operations to help reduce costs and increase productivity. The goal is to enhance your IT department’s efficiencies and boost customer experiences, all while taking proactive measures to improve performance monitoring and areas of the organization where automated processes can be applied.

Process Applications will also offer a wide range of additional capabilities, including real-time monitoring and analysis of business processes, identification of inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and prebuilt analytical dashboards. More Process Applications that tackle challenges in specific use cases within different industries, are currently under development. 

Get started with IBM Process Mining and Process Applications

IBM Process Mining is a solution for businesses looking to transform their operations, available via a stand-alone offering and integration with IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, RPA, Decisions, Workflow and other automation technologies. Process Applications, a new set of capabilities built into the IBM Process Mining solution, are set to expand, providing businesses with industry-specific tools and insights to help optimize processes and drive success in the ever-changing market. IBM Process Mining is part of IBM’s comprehensive suite of intelligent automation solutions for business and IT.

For more information about IBM Process Mining and how it can help an organization accelerate process improvement and automation initiatives, join our upcoming webinar.

Get started with IBM Process Mining.

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