Transformation is being transformed — from one-off initiatives to an urgent, purpose-driven imperative. Modern businesses must move faster, but also with more empathy and openness.

Seven strategic bets to capitalize on disruption and redefine your business

4 min read - The future belongs to those leaders willing to make bold, informed bets today. To take action, business leaders need the foresight to peer around the corner—and take decisive action based on what they see. Today, we launched a new IBM Consulting report, Seven Bets, that identifies major trends we expect to shape the world in the near future, and the strategic bets leaders should make to benefit from them and redefine their business. Trend: Tech-led disruptions are accelerating, driven by…

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At IBM Think, partners are front and center

3 min read - If you’ve followed IBM over the past few years, you know how critical the IBM Ecosystem is to our growth strategy. It’s why we gave partners access to the same training and enablement as IBMers last year, launched a new partner program in January, and continue investing in and growing the IBM Ecosystem.   So, it should come as no surprise that partners are front and center during our annual Think conference this week. In fact, we kicked off the event…

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How IBM and are empowering creatives with FYI

2 min read - What do and IBM have in common? As it turns out, quite a lot.   Like IBM, the entrepreneur, musician, and philanthropist has made a significant mark on the technology industry. In his role as a futurist, helped companies like Apple and Deutsche Telekom. He also shares IBM's commitment to empowering the next generation of tech leaders, via his Foundation, funding STEAM education and robotics programs for 12,000 students from disadvantaged backgrounds.   What on the surface may seem…

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The CFO: at the forefront of innovation

4 min read - Historically, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role had been strictly focused on accounting for financial information. These days, there’s a need — and even some pressure — for CFOs to evolve their scope and influence the innovation agenda within their enterprises. For starters, they can help prioritize and invest in it. It’s the season for the strategic and innovative CFO. At IBM Consulting, our finance consulting practitioners have seen first-hand how the CFO can help foster enterprise-wide change. In many…

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