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IT support and operations

Enhance, manage and streamline IT support and operations.

IT service management for ServiceNow

Optimize incident lifecycle with a proprietary framework and intelligent operations, KPI metrics, dashboards and automation tools. Enhance IT efficiency, boost customer experience and take proactive measures to improve performance monitoring and targeted automations.

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Software development lifecycle for GitHub

Optimize your software product releases, manage the risk of incomplete or late releases, and ensure high-quality standards all while improving development productivity and boosting efficiency.

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Customer Service

Streamline service request handling and elevate customer engagements with the Customer Service Process Application from IBM Consulting™. Utilize the IBM PEX Value Triangle to enhance service request efficiency, improve compliance, and craft exceptional customer experiences.

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Resource Onboarding (HR)

Unleash efficiency with the IBM Process Excellence Value Triangle—this process app from IBM Consulting™ accelerates onboarding, ensures compliance, and elevates the new hire journey. Unlock insights, catalyze performance, and cultivate a seamless start for every team member.

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Supply chain and sustainability

Modernize and build resilient supply chain management.

Sustainable procurement

Help businesses optimize and streamline operations with a focus on sustainability. Improve profitability and drive purpose-driven procurement functions by identifying performance gaps in three vital areas: efficiency, compliance and experience.

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Work Order Management for IBM Maximo

Elevate operational efficiency with IBM Maximo integration for complete work order lifecycle management. Enable swift execution of maintenance tasks, minimize backlogs, and utilize AI for predictive scheduling to ensure maximum asset uptime and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

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Procurement Value Governance

 Navigate and optimize your procurement process journey with precision using IBM Consulting's Value Governance Process App. Gain crucial insights into KPIs across efficiency, compliance, and experience. Ensure every decision adds value and transforms procurement into a strategic asset.

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Customer journey

Unlock value and drive growth across the entire customer journey.

Mortgage lending

Incorporate the IBM PEX framework to identify process variations and assess their impact on critical KPIs related to efficiency, customer experience and compliance. The result? Actionable insights that can enhance customer experience, streamline the process, boost loan volumes and manage compliance risk.

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Sales and channels

Increase, monitor and enhance sales and channel performance.

Process excellence for lead-to-cash management

Reduce time and cost while identifying hindrances from lead management to cash flow. Connect the different business units, such as marketing, sales and finance, along with enterprise applications to improve lead conversion and win rates. Enhance the overall cycle time for lead creation and cash flow.

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